The Magic of Books; When and Why to introduce to your kids at an early age

Books are the source of knowledge and skills. If you analyze the habits of the most successful people in this world, they all have one common habit and that is reading books.

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island

Walt Disney

Why Reading is So Important

I just know, a few things are very important for a toddler and that is introducing books. Because this is the best stage for development and kids really enjoy reading books. 

The study shows that 90% of brain development actually occur before 5 years of age. So, the more they indulge in activities and books and play, the more you will see the development.

It stimulates kids for better imagination and creativity, learning and writing skills, better verbal communication and build a great vocabulary etc.

If they really become passionate about reading books, no one can stop them to become a successful person. 
Researches show that Reading books actually results in great success at the later age of kids when introduced at an early age.

Also, It is really a development tool for them as they can learn different words, love, prayer,  skills and many things. 

As a parent, Books are the best gift we can give to our little ones. 

When to introduce Books

Well, there are no guidelines for the same, Also its never too late to start introducing books. 
Even you can start when you are pregnant, Actually, your baby can listen to your voice and starts making a connection with you from within you.

So that is the best way you can connect with your child and also it will be helpful for you to be indulging in good things. The bonding experience is unbeatable.

You all must have heard of Mahabharat’ one incident about Arjun and Abhimanyu, his son. Abhimanyu learned how to break Chakravyuh when he was inside his mother’s womb. It is a great example for all of us. 

Some lifestyle changes, if become a habit, you will succeed no matter what. So I feel we should introduce our kids at an early stage.

If they start showing interest, then you need not to do anything just purchase books or you can borrow from libraries. 

It would be better if you go to the library along with kid and show the books and sit there for the time you have and narrate some stories and anything you can spend quality time with your child. 
I did the same, I started reading books and singing songs when I was pregnant and I continued after she came and even if she could not understand the words, she listened to my voice.
What will be attractive for them, is Colors, colorful pages, and the characters. They don’t know the story, can’t understand also but they can develop so many things from the very moment.

What kind of books are good for early ages

The market is full of varieties, You should select what will be the best for up to 3 yrs of age. I researched on Google for all this and concluded a few books you can introduce up to 3 years.
Also, every child is unique and the selection of books should be different at every stage. Books for 4-9 months old and  Two years old and then 4 years old will be different. So try to find your babies interest and then select the books. 
For 3-6 months of babies, you should try to introduce picture books actually because they can enjoy the pictures and shapes and your voice the most. You can sing or start just storytelling in your way. Just make it clear and louder so that they start making sounds like you do. 
When you start reading books to your infant they just love your attention and that no other thing in the world can do, No toys and No TV. 
I did so and my daughter just enjoyed my voice and expressions and the colorful pictures.
For 6 months to 12 months, You can introduce character specific colored picture books. They really enjoy different characters. They start building up their vocabulary so this is the best age for character specific books.

They start sounds like Mommy, Daddy, And some other specific names,, So Board books with images and just having one two words, would be the best. 

After that, 13-18 months, You can start with some story or rhymes books with 3- 4 sentences per page books. And you can also say like if you are narrating Animal books so you can sound like ‘wuff wuff ‘ or ‘baa baa’. 

That will make it really enjoyable and they can start making sounds. you can ask what is this or what does the cow say? You can make it interesting and learning too.

After 15 months kids can tell you mamma this is a cat and she says meow. Yeah, it happens.

After that you don’t need to take a book for your child, they will pick their own choice books and make you realize they know everything.

quirky woman shraddha tripathi

My daughter is 2.5 and I have introduced these early stage books, I bought from Amazon at a reasonable price. It includes Rhymes, Counting, Vegetable, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Good Habits and many more. Sharing the pictures here.

quirky woman shraddha tripathi

We, as Parents, are the first educator for our kids, even before they are introduced to their teachers. Every Parent tries to be the best one for their little one in different ways. Every child is unique as every parent is unique.

Just enjoy every bit of it and learning is also good for parents too. It is true for every human being. Enjoy reading and learning.

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