8 Home remedies for cold and cough for kids upto 2 years

Hey everyone
Sharing some home remedies for cold and cough as it is a major issue during seasonal changes. As we are moving towards the summer season gradually and it takes a month and this is the time when we should be careful with our kid’s health. 
During this changing period, kids are more prone to sickness, generally cold cough and sometimes fever. So I came across some home remedies that I have experimented many times, some of them really work and some not but I would say it may work for you. 
There are two types of a cough actually – Dry & Wet.
The treatment is different accordingly. I would say first try to find the type and then start with these treatments. Also, There is a major factor is, AGE.  
We should try these remedies as per the age of the child. Like for Newborns, there is no home remedy, Only Breast milk is the best remedy for a cough and cold and every disease.
 So, Let’s start with the New Borns 
There are two things other than the pediatrician works


1. BreastMilk

This is the best remedy for a newborn as That is the only thing they can have. Also, They are not aware of what is going on and what happened to them, they are only familiar with the touch of Their Mom and Breastmilk. And It has that much power to cure any disease, any infection.
2. Nasal Drops and Respirators
Now there are many respirators and saline water drops, you can have. If your child has a heavy cough and there is a blockage you can feel then you must go to the pediatrician and They will show you how to use it for kids. 
For babies above 6 months – 2 years
These are all forwarded by the generations it’s not like I invented something new but I tried and would like to learn more from our elder ones.
My mother-in-law mainly told me so many home remedies. I am sharing them here.
1. Warm mustard oil with a pinch of rock salt-
This is the home remedy for a cough mainly, it really works wonder. 
If your child has a very tight cough just apply this remedy on his or her chest and you will see the results after a day only.
For this, take a bowl to add one spoon mustard oil and a pinch of rock salt and heat it for 10 seconds only just to make it lukewarm. And then apply on the chest of your kid. 
If your child really enjoys massaging then give a massage for 10 minutes at least on the whole body with warm oil. Otherwise, just apply on the chest properly in the downward direction. 
Do this daily for two-three times and You will see the difference. 
2. Stay Hydrated
Drinking warm water is the best and easiest thing you can do. That actually makes the mucus thin and that would make her nose breathable. Anything will work like Warm Soup, Warm Milk and warm smoothies. just to make sure Everything should be warm. You can also give tulsi water for a change and You know the magic of tulsi leaves.

Babies under 6 months should be given more breastmilk for the same purpose.
3. Honey combinations
There are so many combos Indian moms used to make for every problem whether it be skin or a cough or other things. Honey alone is a very good source for kids.  It should be given to kids above 1 year of age. 
Honey+Ginger drops one tspn or honey and add 2-3 drops of ginger and mix it and give to the kids and it is really effective. 
Honey+ Pepper make this also in a similar way, just add one pinch black pepper and give to your child.
4. Head should be at an elevation while sleeping
This actually works for elders also. When you have a stuffy nose and it is unbreathable condition then You should try a pillow under your head for an elevation and that really make breathing easier.
Similarly, put something under the head of your child while sleeping for proper breathing. you can use a small pillow or towel or anything.
5. Sleep on sides

Also in continuation with the above point, if you sleep on your sides rather than on your back or chest, it will again make your breathing easy.
If you lie on the left side then definitely your right nose will be open and you can breathe properly and vice versa. 
6. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric has some anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. If you give your child warm turmeric milk then it will be helpful for a nighttime cough and give good sleep.


7. Ghee

take a tsp of ghee and heat it to make it warm and then apply near neck area for relieving the sore throat and pain due to a dry cough.  
8. Destress

Obviously, this phase is not a happy one and your child will be so cranky and irritated. Just do what makes him/her happy. Don’t force to eat something solid, The more they have liquid in their system the earlier they will be better.
Points to remember
1. Don’t ignore Fever at all. 
2. Don’t force to take solids
3. Don’t ignore a cough after a week. Go for your pediatrician. 
4. prefer Homeopathic medicines for no side effects. First, check if homeopathic suits your baby or not.
5. Be patient and calm because it takes time. 
6. Don’t use Vicks vapor or any other things for kids less than 2 yrs. I think they have launched a baby vapor but I have not used till now so can’t say anything about that.

7. Rest is the key.

8. Steam also works for cough and cold sometimes.

I followed these points and they really worked for me. I hope this will be helpful for you all. Thank You. If you know other remedies other than above please share in the comment section. 

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