New Maybelline Alia Loves New York baby lips review Highline Wine

Winters are here and our skincare routine would be changing I guess. So what’s your take for your lips this winter.

Lips are the prominent feature of our face and it should be taken care of every season. It’s exposure to sunlight and cold and wind affects a  lot. It becomes worst during winters and we need to be more careful a that.

quirky woman shraddha tripathi

I am not the person who put on makeup always. So my favorite is baby lips. And when we think of baby lips the name comes in our mind is of Maybelline baby lips. I use it every time whether indoor or outdoor. Whether it’s a sunny day of summer or chilling winters.

So after using for one month, I am reviewing this product here.

1. Packaging

It comes with a plastic cover and lipstick like structure. Like all the versions of Lip balm Maybelline launched every year, This is one of its kind. Nothing very new here when it comes to packaging.

One thing is, It has a metallic cover very shining and bold colors are available in this new lip balm.

quirky woman shraddha tripathi

Very easy to carry anywhere, and avoidable weight. won’t take too much space in your purse. 

I purchased it from Amazon like always I do in offers.

2. Price

As I purchased it from Amazon, We can always avail some offers there. So I ordered on it and It is only 175 Rs. for Prime customers and after some discount I got.

3. Ingredients

Without giving the unnecessary chemicals name here I would like to just explain a few of the good ingredients it has. 

Shea Butter makes your lips crack free and soft during the whole winters. It has coconut oil and Vitamin E also.

It comes with the SPF 20 that is the best thing I found in this new version of baby lips.


It is oily and slippery and very hydrating. It is not waxy or thick, I must say. So the texture is shiny and moisturized. Very tinted Lip balm. 

quirky woman shraddha tripathi

It has an expiry of 3 years that is also an advantage.

5. Shades

It comes in 4 tinted shades and all go with an Indian skin tone. 

1. Broadway Red– It is a quite pigmented red shade like lipsticks.

2. Brooklyn Bronze– I love this shade as it is very decent peach nude shade. 

3. Manhatten Mauve– It is a mauve shade and very pigmented one like lipstick.

4. Highline Wine– This is my shade, the darkest among all and highly pigmented wine shade. It is suitable for all the ladies. 

6. My Experience

First of all, I am not a person who use lipsticks every time. Even many times I forgot to use baby lips also. I am a huge fan of baby lips. Actually, I go to the market for lipstick and comes with a baby lip. Maybelline comes with a tinted lip balm that is why I prefer to buy it. 

As I have a daughter who loves to do makeup and dressing up and all. She also loves these lip balms but It actually has chemicals so I won’t give her and use on her.

Well, The best thing is It can easy to carry and easy to use. What I loved are its tinted colors. There are 4 selections you have. I am a married woman and can use bold shades according to my wheatish skin tone or Indian skin tone so I would prefer Highline wine. 

I am in love with this shade. You really don’t need any lipstick even for a party if you have this one. It has SPF 20 so you also don’t need a lip sunscreen. Because In this environment you need sunscreens for sure. 

It moisturizes lips well but I would say I have oily skin and my lips are not dry so It worked easily but I think you have to use Vaseline for dry lips along with it. It is fine for Oily ones. 

It will be there for 5 hrs approximately. You can reapply once and It will work for the whole day. So I think it deserves 5 points for that. Even after you eat and drink something It won’t go.

So here comes Pros & Cons


Reasonable price

one pack will be enough for a season if you use daily

Yes It is SPF 20

Highly tinted and pigmented

Stays for 4-5  hrs approx even after you had your lunch or drinks.

Comes in 4 shades, all go with Indian skin tone, My favorite is Highline Wine.

hydrates and moisturize
3 Years of validity


Although there are no cons I would say, if I become a very critic then 

As a mom, I would prefer vaseline or coconut oil for my kid rather than this lip balm. Otherwise, really I don’t think there is nothing at this price.

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