10 Simple Ways to Make Your House Look Cleaner Every Day

We all like cleaner homes, don’t we? It gives a sensation of purity and makes us feel good. However, it is not an easy job to clean the house all the way around.
So, here are tips which you can use to make your house look cleaner every day. Also, some tips to make your house smart, check this here.


10 Easy Tricks To Make Your House Look Cleaner Every Single Day!

1. Clear the cutter

This seems the most basic advice when it comes to clean the house but it works! Unnecessary clutter and unorganized things make the house look messy. Even if there are no dust particles, a messy place still will look nothing less than a garbage can. So pick up all the clutter and keep them in their place. Keep the home neat and tide.

2. Air fragrance

Nothing seems better than a clean house that smells good. This applies to all the rooms. So better buy a room freshener so that it can make your house smell fresh. If you don’t want to use the artificial room fragrance then you can use real flowers or air purifying plants. Take real flowers and put them in a vase full of water. It will also give a touch of luxury to the furniture.

3. Treat the windows

Dirty windows will make your house look dirty even if you have cleaned up everything. And cleaning windows is the easiest thing to do. Simply take a newspaper and crush it, then use it to clean the windows with a water spray/sprinkler. This will make them shiny and your home will look like new! If you don’t want the hard work then you can buy an instant glass cleaner which will do the work for you.

4. Clean the bathroom and toilet

Bathroom and toilet are probably the dirtiest and disgusting place. Do you need to keep them clean? There are multiple methods of keeping them fresh too. These include the use of air freshener and flush fragrance seeds. Also cleaning the bathtub is also very important as over time it accumulates dust and fungus. Which can be hazardous to your family’s health.

5. Dusting

Regular dusting is required to keep the dust particles away from your house walls and furniture. So don’t forget to dust all the books, furniture, bed etc everything. For dusting, you don’t need any special product. Just take a piece of old cloth and tie it with a stick. Then use it to dust all the furniture.

6. Keep a laundry basket

A laundry basket will keep all the loose and dirty clothes together. If you already use it then great, otherwise it is highly recommended to use one. This will ensure that the clothes don’t get clutter up here and there. Also, if they are tidy and in one place then, they won’t smell either.

7. Multitask during idle time

It is true that multitasking will help you get more things done in lesser time. You can easily multitask while cleaning the clothes, washing the utensils and vacuuming the rug. There are a lot of things which you can do easily. Also, multitasking will make you faster and will help you to get fit. So it’s a win-win strategy.

8. Take the trash out

Seems basic but it will serve the purpose. The dustbin is home to garbage and all the disease-causing bacteria. So if you want to maintain a healthy environment in your home then make sure to clear the trash every day. In case you don’t have daily trash pickup in your locality then use an outdoor recycle bin to deposit trash. Make sure not to keep trash inside the house. It will make it smelly and will defeat the purpose of cleanliness altogether.

9. Use containers or shelves to keep things tidy

We all have been there where you have plenty of stuff on the furniture or on the chair. So easy way to fix this is buying small drawers or compartments where you can keep this small stuff. These include keyrings, tv remote, books, newspaper, pen, mobile charger etc. Keeping them neat and tidy will also save you from the “last minute guest arrival cleaning” syndrome as well.

10.  Make private spaces

Set priorities for your house and choose rooms and spaces where most activities are done. These include the hallways, the front door, the kitchen and so on. Sometimes you can also include the dining room on this list to keep things more neat and tidy. 
You can use door mats at the entry and carpets at such places to avoid any kind of dust to enter such rooms. This will keep them neat and clean for a longer period of time.
So, guys, this is how you can keep your house looking cleaner every day. These are all simple and easy tricks which you can adapt to your everyday cleaning schedule. Not only this will make your house tidy but will give a fresh look to it.

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Kedy is a blogger and lifestyle product reviewer at Mr10.in. He is helping people to find the best ways to improve the lifestyle and balancing life and work.

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