Nowadays sleeping disorders are very common among us but we try to avoid those problems creating long-term health issues.

We, the common people are very reluctant towards maintaining a properly balanced sleep cycle and end up with degrading physical and mental condition. Proper sleep is very essential for the normal functioning of our system and has major health benefits.

Proper sleep can help in releasing stress, restoring vitality and also enhances our mental health. When we are asleep the body also works to repair the damaged tissues and rejuvenate them.

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At times you will notice that even if it’s 2am in the night you aren’t feeling asleep, or even if you had a good sleep of 8hours you are still having a lethargic feeling or maybe you just keep waking up in the middle of the night. 

These are various kinds of sleeping disorders caused due to sleep imbalance or sleep deprivation.

There are mostly three kinds of situation that we notice, first, we might find it very hard to fall asleep and keep waking up at the middle of the time.

It seems like something is bothering you constantly and hence your mind is not in a state to have a sound sleep. 

Your mind is always in a state of restlessness. Second, many times even we have a good eight hours sleep we get the lethargic feeling, we don’t feel like doing anything or getting out from the bed. 

Most of the times the parents think that the kids are just being lazy but it’s more than that and should be taken care of. And the third and the last one, you will have no trouble falling asleep but you will wake up and join office may be in the lunchtime. 

And again you will face problems sleeping for the next several hours. This generally happens to people suffering from emotional traumas.

Well, did I just scare you guys? Calm down. They aren’t fatal and hence you can easily improve your sleeping condition by following these few simple tips.

1. Say no to stimulants like caffeine

Many of you want badly that afternoon coffee to go through the rest of the day or whenever you need to stay up all night completing all your office work.

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Ditch this habit as soon as possible because caffeine does more to our body than just keeping us awake. For anyone already having a sleeping disorder, the condition might be worse. 

Apart from disrupting our sleep cycle caffeine causes long-time health issues like a headache, jitters, high blood pressure and many more. Also, caffeine has zero nutritional value.

2. Drink a glass of milk

Apart from its high nutritional value milk is a sleep inducer. 

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You can have a glass of warm milk along with one-fourth teaspoon of nutmeg(third type of sleep disorder) or turmeric(second type of sleep disorder) or garlic(first type of sleep disorder). 

You can easily find out which balances your sleep cycle and hence improve your health.
3. Switch off your electronic gadgets when you are off to sleep

Your phone, laptop, and other such electronic gadgets hinder your sleep because we often seem to very distracted by those modern inventions. 

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So, switch them off at least an hour before you go to sleep which also relaxes your nervous system and helps you provide a good sleep.
4. Meditation

 Meditation helps our system more than just maintaining a proper sleep cycle and hence should be performed before going to sleep. 

quirky woman tipsEspecially people who have the first type of sleeping disorder which is also known as Vata sleep meditation helps to calm your mind and bring it in a stable position. 

15-20 minutes of meditation every day will maintain a proper overall health condition and hence you can be more productive.

5. Yoga

Yoga can calm down your entire body and helps you to relax. 

Pranayama above all relaxes the nervous system and helps you cope up with your sleeping disorders. Any other breathing exercises also induce sleep.

6. A proper diet

Too much spicy and heavy dishes should be avoided as they cause acidity which will interrupt your sleep cycle. 

Moreover, you should also have your dinner a couple of hours before you sleep so that proper digestion takes place and you can have a sound sleep. It will also make you achieve your weight loss goals.
7. Avoid long daytime naps

Given that a power nap is very beneficial or acts as an energizer to stay active for rest of the day-long afternoon naps can disturb our internal biological clock. 

A 30 minutes sleep or less than that is recommended if you can’t go without taking a nap but more than that will make you lazy throughout the day. 

Only babies and patients are recommended to have these long naps and if you aren’t one of them get out if your bed and stop causing trouble to your own mental health.

8. Always maintain consistency

Consistent sleep hours improves your health as our body’s circadian rhythm functions aligning itself with sunrise and sunset. 

So, if your routine is different for weekdays and weekends(late night) this will affect your long-term health.

These are a few points that you should give importance to as we all know “Health is wealth”. So, give it a read and help yourself getting better and wiser.


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