Quirky Make-up products and tips for beginners

Hey Everyone

Today I came with a new thing, as you can see the title, It is about basic makeup products that a woman must have initially.

As you know there is no end in makeup and makeup products. There is a huge variety of it. Many of girls or women got confused what to buy and what not to buy.

I was also a beginner a few years back but now I have plenty of it. I also like try many products you know.

I have tried many and can say some of them I found great for every day and college-going otherwise some are just kept here as it is. I have never used them.

So let’s start with the beginner kit or the most usable products.

Before we start with the products I must say the basic routine before makeup is
CLEANSING  and MOISTURISING. This is the basic thing you must do on a daily basis whether you are going out or not or doing makeup or not.

So after you have done this let’s start with the products.

1. Foundation
Whenever you think about makeup, the first name comes to your mind will be the foundation, right. so Is foundation really important for basic? I would say NO.

Yes, I said NO.

You don’t need to put on the foundation on an everyday basis or some light events. But Yes you should have this as a big celebration like weddings and all.

There are lots of variety in foundations also like high coverage and low or medium coverage and also powder foundation and liquid foundation. I must say if you have a normal skin then you should go for liquid foundation but If you have an oily skin or sensitive skin then must go for powder foundation.

Otherwise, the best thing is BB and CC creams. That also works like foundation but they are really light and perfect for everyday usage and light parties and celebrations.

It is a very important product but I never used it because I don’t have so much discoloration or pigmentation or acne problems.

But if you have any of these problems then you must have one concealer. It does magic and you will get a flawless skin in a minute. this must be used after foundation or any cream.

I would recommend these products.

3. Compact
The next most important product is Compact Face powder. This is my fav one as I have oily skin. I really required to touch up my skin every two to three hours.

There are also many varieties available in the market. I would say must go for the one which goes according to your skin.

4. Eyeliners or Kajal
I would say kajal or eyeliners both will give your eyes a perfect look, they make it a bigger and bold and beautiful too.
There are many varieties available but I would prefer a gel liner because it works as a kajal as well as a liner. but if you have already big eyes you can avoid this process.

5. Mascara
I get to know one thing very late is that a mascara is more important than a liner or kajal. Yes, I have tried many times. You can skip liner or kajal but don’t skip mascara. This will give a perfect look for your eyes and Its a must thing.

6.Lipstick and Lipgloss
Here the usage depends on the person as you know age job and color complexion etc.
so if you are a college going girl then just simply apply lip balms with light colors. This would be the perfect look.
If you are a newly wedded then you must have 4-5 lipsticks and two lipgloss, some are bright shades and some are nude. I personally love the nude shades.
If you are a little older the just use nude shades it will give you a perfect look for your age.

some of my fav shades are here

7. Eyeshadow Palette 
It is a must have guys. I would say you must have one palette of eyeshadow, it really works wonder on your face. If you want daily purpose eyeshadow then go for the neutral shade palette. If You are a newly married or like bright colors then go for the palette with bright color as well as some nude shades.
I personally liked and would recommend this one below

8. Contour and highlighter 
If you have a nude shade eyeshadow palette then skip this one. You can contour and highlight your face by using the nude palette of eyeshadow but if you don’t have that then purchase a product which has both contour and highlighter. I have this one and would recommend it to all

9.Sponge or Makeup brushes
Initially, I generally use fingers as an applicator for foundations and creams. Then After a while, I realized it becomes cakey somewhere. so I just started using sponges and brushes for applying foundation and other things.

Some tips
1. Don’t be in a rush while purchasing makeup products. See the stores has a light that makes everything look perfect on you but just wait and looks the shade in sunlight, then only buys it.
2. Every makeup products have an expiry date. Please always check once before buying.
3. Never ever use expiry products because your skin is precious than anything else.
4. Only purchase those which you really want because these cosmetics are costly and if you don’t use enough it will expire soon. Don’t waste your money.
5. Only purchase branded ones because if you use local and street cosmetics that will cost you more in a long term. Always go for the brand that suits your skin.

So these are the things for beginners. I hope you all like these tips. Thank you. 

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