Mamaearth Charcole, coffee and clay face mask: review

Hey Everyone
Today I am here with a great product from Mamaearth. I am in love with this brand.
I have tried many products from this brand and every product proved itself for me. I personally love skincare with natural and herbal options. I have tried many do it yourself at home too that I will share in next posts.

Mama earth generally uses natural ingredients for their products and that is what I love.
Here I am starting a review on charcoal, coffee and clay face mask by Mamaearth. It is called c3 face mask.


It comes in a solid plastic container with a rolling cover and then if you open the lid, a plastic plate cover the mask. So this really is very handy. You can easily carry this in your bag.

I bought the 100ml. pack from You can also purchase his from Amazon. There are several sales and offers goes time by time, you can purchase them at a lesser price.
I purchase this from Nykaa and the MRP is Rs.599/-. It is worth buying at this price and you can buy online from Amazon or nykaa at some discounts. You can see the price from Amazon is 580/-

You can see its life is almost two years. 

The color of the mask is Dark Grey.

So you can see the main ingredients are charcoal coffee and clay that is why it is C3. I will tell you the benefits of all three individual below.

The best thing is: it is free from paraben, mineral oil, phthalates, and SLS. These are all harmful chemicals generally you will find in many or I can say most of the face masks in the market.
How to apply
First, clean your face with face wash or anything you use for your skin. pat it dries with a clean towel
Then take a small amount on your hand and start applying on your face. Do not apply near the eye area. If any kinda cut or irritation is here don’t apply. 
Leave this as it is and let it dry for 15 min. Then start to clean it with normal water and rub gently on your skin. Make it dry using a towel. you can use your moisturizer now.
You can feel the difference by the 2nd use of it. 


I am on my 2nd bottle so I can say yes yes it really works what it claims for.
1. Reduce pigmentation(after having a baby, pigmentation become your major problem of skin )
2. Brightens and tightens skin
3. Lightens dark spots

Like I said I am in love with it but if I think about cons then there is one or two.
1. It claims for exfoliating but I don’t find any particle for exfoliation. It is very smooth in texture.
2. It has a very mild smell that does not last even for few hours.
Would like to buy again

YES YES YES and a Big Yes
I think this is the best face mask available in the market at this cost. Otherwise, I believe in do it yourself face masks.

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