Infections and Gut Health Issues in Newborn Babies

Along with the birth of a newborn comes lots of issues for new parents to take care of such as sleep issues, gut health issues, feeding issues, and infections. In newborn babies infections are caused mostly by bacteria and some are also caused by viruses.

During the childbirth, if a mother had an active infection, the baby might breathe in or swallow the fluid in the birth canal. In a few cases, even after the birth babies could catch the infection from someone who has the flu or cold.

All babies are born with protective maternal antibodies. These are passed to them via the placenta which lasts for six to nine months. In case, when newborns develop an infection, things can get out of control rapidly.

Let’s discuss three major infection issues in newborn babies.

3 Major Infections in Newborn Babies

When a baby is breathing too fast, it is the first sign of any respiratory infection. It can also be detected when a child coughs too often while feeding or he can also refuse feed.

If there is unchanging bluish tinge around the lips, it is a sign of dangerously low blood oxygen. 

Consult your doctor immediately. While a temporary bluish cast on feet and hands is normal in healthy infants.

·         Danger Bugs

High fever of 100.5and above could be a sign of meningitis. It could also be an infection of the liver or kidneys or urinary tract.

Abnormal rhythmic movements should be addressed immediately such as repeated smacking of the lips or a continuous roving movement of the eyes points to imminent convulsions.

·         Oral Thrush

It is common among babies who have received antibiotics. Oral thrush is a fungal infection which looks like a white patch inside the mouth. The antibiotics destroy the good gut bacteria along with the bad bacteria.

When you rub gently with the finger and the white patch disappears, no need to worry as it is just milk residue. Oral thrush can also make your nipples cracked. So, for an oral fungal medication, you need to consult your neonatologist.

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Gut Health Issues in Newborn Babies

When it comes to parenting for new parents or taking care of newborn babies, there are lots of suggestions coming in from everywhere. Few common baby care issues are feeding, sleep issues, infections, constipation, etc. Gut health issues are one of the most common baby care issues when home remedies peep into.

Some other issues might be intrusive to the nose, mouth, and eyes. Older members of the family insist on applying kajal in the baby’s eyes. According to an ophthalmologist, these products contain lead and there should be minimum physical contact with your baby’s eyes.

Traditional wisdom is of course not to be frowned upon but before following any age-old advice you should speak to your pediatrician. The reason behind this is the difference in climatic conditions, lifestyle, and eating habits of today’s generation as compared to the older generation. 

The things or home remedies which might be worked in earlier times might not fit into the present conditions.

Let’s discuss 4 Major Gut Health Issues in Newborn Babies

Newborn babies have sensitive guts. It takes time to settle into robust functioning. Symptoms like constipation and vomiting should not be ignored.

1.       Colic

Doctors diagnose the condition of colic on the basis of a rule, that is, ‘rule of threes’.

 If your baby exhibits extreme fits of crying for at least three hours a day, thrice a week and for at least three weeks, it might be possible that he has developed colic. Colic mainly occurs due to swallowed air which results from crying.

Your baby may calm down and respond to massage, motion or swaddle, pacifier or sucking your breasts.

Milk allergies and lactose intolerance have symptoms similar to colic.

2.       Spitting Up

Initially, through a burp, babies spit out milk due to overfeeding. This is normal but you need to monitor the fluid gushing out of your baby’s mouth. 

If it more than two tablespoons and comes out with great force, consults neonatologist. If spitting out or vomiting are accompanied by coughing or choking, there might be some respiratory issue which needs to be considered.

3.       Jaundice

Many babies show up jaundice by the fifth day. As the newborns have immature liver, it is not fully equipped to process the buildup of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin gives the skin a yellowish color. Jaundice usually clears up with breastfeeding and passing of stools.

It should be investigated if it exceeds two weeks or more.

4.       Constipation

Some babies who are on breastfeeding exclusively might not pass stool for seven days. It is not a cause of concern as breastmilk is often completely digested by the baby’s body. 

The situation is worrisome if a baby does not pass gas or stool for over seven days, constantly vomiting, and reduced urine output. 

It means that there is a need to investigate the intestinal issues.

Mother’s diet needs to be changed in this case. Fruit juice, water, pears or broccoli might help. If these do not work consult your pediatrician.

Get your babies regular vaccinations according to the immunization schedule provided by your doctor at the time of birth.

You should also know the Tips to make Vaccine Shot easy

Vaccine shots might bring tears to your little one’s eyes. Try to make the whole process less dreadful for both of you.

·         Soothe your baby with your touch.

·         Keep him engaged with your voice while he is getting the shot.

·         Bring over a new toy to distract him afterward.

·         To numb the pain you can place a cool compress on the sore area.

·         Breastfeeding and lots of cuddling are always the best ways to soothe a fussy baby after the needle shot.

·         A bath with lukewarm water might work.

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Have more questions to ask about infections and gut health issues in newborn babies? Please drop your questions in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting!

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