First Treasure Hunt Project with plants

You may be confused by this title of treasure hunt project, actually, this is for my daughter, itika. She is in playschool and there she has given a project named “the treasure hunt”.

So it was quite interesting for me because when I was in school there were only study and study, no interesting projects or things that are informative as well as interesting. I like all the activities from her school and actively participate as per norms.
So I thought I should share this on my blog so that people like me who did these things for the first time, get some idea. I am not saying I did a great job but yes I feel you can create it in a more interesting way after reading this.
So let’s start from scratch.
First of all
Dress your child in a beautiful way as you want.
Take your best digital gadget for taking pictures.
Go outside somewhere there are trees and plants.
Then click some pictures with trees or plants while explaining your child about the same.
Then come home after taking around 10 pictures as per the age of your child. Mine is in playgroup so for her project 5-6 pictures are enough.
Now go to the studio for the hardcopy of them
Then get some chart papers and some stickers like trees, flowers or stars anything.
Then just start making it nicely with your little one.
Mine has enjoyed a lot during this whole process. I also felt so positive and happy with her.
Now I am sharing my project pictures here so that you can get an idea of it.

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