Who is the best consultant for life: you or your child

Every Time there is a baby in the house and you become joyful.

You start playing unknowingly, you sing unknowingly and you laugh unknowingly. And when a baby born we think it’s time to teach them but it’s the time to learn. 
They are the best consultant of life. What you think?
Every Time you scold them and at the next moment they started playing and come to you and make you laugh, isn’t it? 
And what we do, we don’t forget and forgive easily. 
We take the words from others and make our mood upset every time. You should learn from your baby.
You give anything to a child anything like a piece of wood, they make their whole day by playing with the wood. 
You give them anything they make it in a joyful thing. What you learn from that? We are not happy with whatever we have, we always think of other things and make our life hell by running towards other things.

What we should teach to our babies. 

I think the physical things they will learn accordingly on their own. 
You just have to guide a little. Don’t teach them adulthood. They will learn all this. 
Just become a guide and learn many things from your baby. They really are the best consultant for life.
Watch your baby’s activity every time and then you will realize whatever I said today is true actually.

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