What are the Challenges faced by new Moms

Hi Moms

Yes congratulations you become a perfect woman now. Hope your baby rocks. From now onwards you become multitasking or more responsible and most irritated one too. Yeah thats true. You can’t do make-up, sleep for 8 hrs just forget it for 2 years. Every woman has to face these challenges literally. You can’t do or anybody can’t help.
Here I am going to discuss some of the major challenges every moms has to face-
You should give your baby breast milk till 6 month of their age exclusively. It seems very normal but while doing this job your life become hell.
If you lactate properly then the only problem is feed your baby every two hrs approximately. You feel like you are doing only one task that is breastfeeding. This is very hectic job you lost all of your body vitamins and minerals while breastfeeding so you have to take calcium and iron pills till you do breastfeeding.

And always take care for the positions of breastfeeding as it will make you sick guys. Always take support and pillows while breastfeeding and drink too too too much of water.

If you don’t lactate that much then you feel very guilty and all. Guys don’t feel like that its a natural process you can’t do anything in that. Then you have to give formula milk. That is also a tedious task.
Take 3-4 bottles and sterilize the bottles after every use and breastfeed too.

Try to eat healthy things like dalia oats fenugreek spinach etc. These are the breast milk producing foods.

2. you Start Hating everyone around especially your hubby
You are in a situation that makes your life very struggling and hell. You start to think like why only i am struggling that much. My hubby should also struggle like me. Yeah that happens guys but they don’t have breasts actually that’s why they live like before.

Baby needs a mother more than father just because of feeding and the emotional attachment, skin to skin attachment. Baby feels more comfortable with you than anyone else. They are new to this world and they know only you their mother. so don’t hate your partner, take help form them if you feel anything.

3. Career
That’s also a point when a woman start hating her partner. You have to be with your baby 24*7 like a bodyguard. Yes this is the thing why many women leave their jobs and feeling frustrated form inside. No one can understand this feeling only a woman can.

You can take maternity leave but that too depends where you were working. That’s completely change your life you can’t leave your baby easily.

You lose your confidence and feel helpless many times. That’s normal dear you are not alone. Have patience time changes and your time will definitely come. 
4. Sleep
You feel like sleepless every time. You can’t loo guys for that too you need your baby to be sleeping or someone supportive with you. You can’t eat ,sleep,  feels, even you are not the same person before. That is called Motherhood. 
5.  Your shape
see this happens to everyone. Every women face this challenge. Some get over easily and some not. In that manner you have to struggle to have time and do yoga and exercises if your baby give you that much time.

So many women start hating themselves and you know you can’t look like before that is the fact and you should accept it. Clothes will not look good now and many things will make you feel irritated but what you can do is just wait for the right time so that you can start working out and feel good.

6. Priority 
Yeah your life will change completely that’s depends on your priorities. See friends baby is your first priority that’s ok but don’t think of a clean and organised house now. See before baby you can organise once your house and it will be in the same way throughout the day but now things changed.

You have a big responsibility, so make the baby and yourself on first priority then the other things. Don’t make yourself exhausted for cleaning and organisations.

These are the good things but you don’t have enough time and calibar now. You should take care of yourself. Let the house be messy a little.

These are some of the major challenges for the new mommies. Thank you guys If you have any query comment below your questions and you can contact me on my email-id.

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