Toothache: a serious problem during and after pregnancy

Hi Ladies
There are some toothache during and post pregnancy. As everything from your body going to your little one that make your body calcium and iron deficient. That’s why you need to take care of your body from the 2nd trimester till you feed your baby.
here are some tips that i have experienced and now sharing with you guys.

1. Eat calcium and Iron rich food
As the heading explains itself what i am trying to say here. Calcium sources are Milk, Eggs , Pulses ets. You have to take care of yourself ladies.

2. Take medicines of calcium and iron
From your 2nd trimester till you breastfeed your baby, you have to take pills of calcium and iron. Even if you are having all the calcium rich food, you have to take supplements anyhow.

3. Hekla Lava toothpowder
This is a homeopathic tooth powder. Brush your teeth twice a day. Try to brush your teeth once with this powder , You will never gonna have toothache seriously. This tooth powder did miracle for me.

4. Do gargle
Gargle will be very effective during toothache. 
Just take some lukewarm water and put it into your mouth for 40 seconds and gargle. By this process you will definitely feel good in toothache.
Thank you guys for reading my posts. If you have any queries please comment below.


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