Superfood egg during pregnancy is safe or not

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Here it comes one of the pregnancy food. Yeah eating that plays a major role for your health and for baby health.

Whatever you eat or I can say, what you are craving for during pregnancy, will be the best food for your baby. If you have craving for sweet then your baby gonna love sweets, if salty then baby will have a salty tooth.

Now our topic is ; eggs are good during pregnancy or bad. As you know egg is a super food actually it contains everything whatever are required to have during pregnancy. 

You can have two eggs daily in normal pregnancy. That contains your overall intake of the day. You should start this process from your 2nd trimester. First trimester actually is risky phase, you can have one egg during the same. If your pregnancy is complicated one then ask your gynecologist before having anything. 
Always have perfectly cooked or boiled eggs because it contains Salmonella poisoning that may affect your baby. So don’t take egg in raw form, cook or boil perfectly then it will be fine to have in any form. 
That rule also goes with all leafy vegetables or chicken mutton fish. Try to avoid sea foods during pregnancy.
Always have any of them in perfectly cooked form.
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