Resuming Blogging again

hi all

I know it’s been so long I wasn’t show up, but I will be regular and continue with my blogging passion.

so be ready guys… Aren’t you excited?

i am really sorry for the gap but it won’t be happening again.

I was working on my career with studies. I had a dream of becoming an administrator. But after giving 2 -3 years of life with unexpected circumstances of covid ofcourse , i failed and I am fed of study.

I had gone into depression where I didn’t like anything even dancing . Dance is my passion and I live in the moment whenever I get time to dance. But that too I wasn’t enjoying.

Now I want to be just happy and live in the present moment that’s why I am here guys.

sometimes I was missing interacting with you all sometimes writing and all.

so yeah , I will be continuing from now onwards with 2 articles per week.

Just give me insights of yours interesting topics or anything.

Write in a comment below with topics.


Hi Everyone This is Shraddha Tripathi. I welcome you all on my website First I would say about myself I did in Digital Communication and was Assistant Professor in Engineering College. I have a very beautiful daughter ITIKA. I faced many challenges in life and become a very mature person now and just want to share some of them with you guys. My posts are all about Parenting, Health, and Beauty, Lifestyle, and education. I will cover each and every aspect of all the above. I love writing blogs. I want to share the information I faced. If you like my posts kindly share as much as possible so that everyone gets what is good for them. I hope my posts will be helpful for you or everyone. I do content writing, guest posts, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. You can contact me on mail Thank you.

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