Newborns caring tips that will definetly work for new moms

Hi moms
Congratulations to you for a new member in your life. This is the best moment if your life captures it. See that time people suggest you Many things but I would say don’t follow anyone because time changes environment changes.

You should study a lot that I did. Every Time someone suggests me something I don’t follow blindly I ask many women for that and I search on Google and get info respectively and then apply. That’s why I created this website and write whatever I know.

There are lots of contradictory things what my gynecologist say and my mother-in-law said so I am sharing few tips what I followed.

When you should give first oil massage to your baby

Massaging is the very necessary thing for a newborn that makes your baby strong and healthy. When should I start then? Start massaging when a baby’s naval fall out naturally. It may take 7 days. Then start massaging and leave the naval area for 2-3 days more to dry out. I will share how to do massaging in my next posts. What kind of oils you should use I discussed it before in my previous posts you can check on my website.

When to give the first bath
See this is again I can say is after the naval fall then only give a bath. Ok first massage your baby for 15-20 minutes then breastfeed and wait for at least 30 minutes and then give a warm bath. Warm bath means give bath by lukewarm water. It should not be hot. I gave the details of products I have used in previous posts. Give bath on your legs. Support the baby on your leg and then give a bath.

Use hygienic and cotton fabric clothes

Newborn’s skin is too delicate that’s why you should never give new clothes to your baby. Older Cotton clothes will be good for them. Always wash each and every clothe of your baby with an antibacterial detergent. The fabric should be as soft as possible and cotton clothes.

Nail cut
Nails can become very horrible for newborns sometimes. Always cut their nails very carefully. Try to do these things while they are sleeping. If you can’t cut somehow use mittens. so that they cannot hurt their face with nails.
This is a very important task for you guys. Every Time you feed your baby take them on your shoulder and tap your baby’s back with your hand slowly. Do this for 5-15minutes at least. Initially, it felt very tough task but you will get used to. Burping is very essential otherwise your little one will vomit or poop many times.

Hygiene maintenance
Always maintain hygiene for your baby. Clothes mittens socks towel hanky everything should be hygienic. So try to maintain as much as you can. you should also maintain hygiene of your body too. Try to wipe your breasts every time you are going to feed your baby. Use two bras daily I mean change it too. Use hand sanitizer and baby wipes.
Cradle cap
Yeah, you may be aware of this word. Newborns get yellow or white patches on their scalp that’s oily and looks like dandruff at once. What you need to do is always wash your baby’s head by lukewarm water and after that use, a clean baby comb on the scalp and that will never show up on your little one. This is a must task for every new mom.

Clean the neck and in-between fingers
Every time you give the bath to your little one must clean the neck area and in between fingers. These are the areas where dirt placed and if you don’t clean then it will become a wound. so, ladies, this is a must thing.
Thank you, friends, I hope these information will be helpful for you.

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