My healthy weight loss(8kg) journey: fat to fit- part 2

This post is in continuation of the first post of mine. So before reading this, you must be aware of a few things that I have mentioned in my first post. So first go through this link then come here for the next step.
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So Here I am discussing some more tips on diet and then I will discuss the workout routine. These tips are very simple and you can easily apply in your day to day life. One thing that is required and very hard to do, is to stick to this weight loss tips.
Here I am sharing them pointwise
1. DONT go for diet section in Food Market. 
Everybody goes for grocery shopping, What we are doing now is, we go to the diet section where we buy oats cookies and oats maggie and many things. I can’t give every name here but I just want to tell you one thing There is no healthy cookie and no healthy Maggie. 

Anything comes in beautiful packaging and ready to eat, DON’T BUY. This is the strategy of food Industries to make us fool. Their packaging is very attractive and what they label them a healthy snack and a zero trans fat and all. 
2.Understand Our Indian Diversity
We are doing something that can’t be forgiven. According to RUJUTA DIWEKAR, India’s Best Nutritionist, We are the worst generation till now. We are forgetting our traditional things like laddo, mathari, chiwda namkeen , Our homemade pickles, and papad-chips our dadi and mom used to make at home. 
Please learn those recipes of pickles and papad and many things they used to make at home and start making and forward those recipes to the next generation. This is the basic thing we need to understand and follow.
How many of you know those recipes,  a few? How our next generation will learn them, many of you might be thinking of youtube videos and recipes, we can follow them but but but What about our Indian diversity, the pickle that north Indians used to make is totally different from the south Indian version. 

The reason is our diverse culture, different spices, and tradition weather conditions and seasonal changes, languages, and festivals etc. Everything is interrelated and our food must be something that comes from all these things.
Just think and analyze. Go back to your childhood memories, We used to eat oily food also but we were healthy because that was home cooked and according to our traditional recipes and our food industry was not intelligent enough and grown at that time. 
There were no pizzas and burgers and wraps and broccoli. There were no ready to eat meal. Our mommies were not lazy to cook different recipes.
We become more educated and modern in every aspect and more irresponsible lazier more fatty. we are responsible for those food industries to make us fool. 
We let them grow because we have more money and no time. We have more diabetic and thyroid patients. We have time to go to the doctor but don’t have time to cook traditional recipes.
So you might be thinking of what’s wrong in following the same recipes, so here you must understand the genes, every family genes is different and we must eat according to our genes that is what our dadis recipes do. 
Those recipes won’t harm you in any case. Trust me guys, you should be eating local and seasonal and what your Dadi and Nani used to make. You should use those vegetable oils and those spices.
Do you remember the groundnut, we used to eat with our family at tea time and when we go out we could find many stalls of bhuna chana, lai(puffed rice), and groundnut. 
Where are they gone now??
Think friends this also affects our Indian economy, we are giving profit to those who are fooling us in malls and food marts. 
Let the street stalls back on the street by giving them profit and giving our body some healthy snack. For that, you can’t order online and get 30 minutes of delivery but you have to go out make your body active and then have our traditional values back on track.
So I hope you understand my points.
3. Overeating
I was a foodie, no , actually I am a foodie and I love eating food. But before I used to eat packaged things more and two-three times go out for a dinner. I used to eat oily along with those snacks ready to eat things and oats cookies and all. 
So what I did is, I reduced my intake at a time. I can’t control my eating habits but I can control my portion. HOW here are some points-
1. Always take a small bowl or plate so that you can not fill it too much
2. Always eat in a lonely place, I mean at home but without watching tv or phone or any kind of distraction. 
I have a 2.5 yr old daughter, she is in playgroup. I do all my household work all by myself, No maids. I manage my timings somehow when I can have my lunch dinner and breakfast without distractions. So, in that case, I can sense the signal my body has given i.e. Yes I am full. Don’t overeat. I stop eating. 
So this is the magic, You can experiment it. You should eat that much until your brain gives a signal and you should then stop. 
If you can’t get these signals then you can do one more thing i.e. Reduce your portions like if you used to eat three roti then reduce it to two. Likewise. But the first option is the best. 
3. Give the double time you used to give 
How much time you take to finish your meal if it is 5 minutes then increase it to 10 minutes and likewise. This will make you full early. Enjoy your food and feel like wow How lucky I am. 
4. Some Silly Things I have tried and Failed
a. Apple Cider Vinegar: I have tried it because many people tell this is good for weight loss, I have tried and seen nothing. So I would not recommend it. I only follow things that are sustainable you can do that in a long run. I won’t recommend it for the long run. Hot water with lemon and honey is the best.
b. black coffee with coconut oil
I would say, yes. I have seen some results here but This you can’t tolerate for a long run. It is Very bad in taste.
c. ginger tea or jeera tea or any weight loss new things I personally would not recommend. 
d. Intermittent Dieting and Keto Diet, very trending but I have not tried it. Actually, they are very restrictive and unsustainable. if you can’t feel happy and good, you can’t lose weight. They will give you only stress. 
5. Stay Active
After every thirty minutes of sitting, stand up and walk for a minute or you can talk to someone if you want. If you are in the office just stand for a minute then back to work.
If you are talking to someone on your phone then walk for while talking. 
If you are a homemaker then do your all household work alone without helper or maid. 
6. Phone postures
Our posture also make a difference I don’t know the exact reason behind but It is harmful to us. The right posture to check your phone is to take it to the level of your head and then complete it. This way your unnecessary phone checking habit will also go. Check you sitting posture also.
So that’s it friends. Please go through my first post i.e. My Healthy Weight Loss (8kg): fat to fit then come here. Follow all of them one by one and you will see the results even without a workout.

I think this becomes again so long so I will come to work out in my part 3 post. Please follow my website by entering your email id on the top of the page. 
Forgive me for grammar mistakes, I am improving but Focus on my content. 
Please share your experience also in the comment box. Share to your family and friends. 

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