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Today I am here with a great product from KHADI NATURALS INDIA.  This one is the first product I am using this brand. This brand actually makes chemical free products and you all know I always go for that. So let’s check this out. 
I am reviewing this after using it for three weeks. As summers are here, our skin gets oily after every 2-3 hrs. My skin is oily and so as scalp and hairs. I really need to wash my hair thrice a week during summers and twice a week as usual at other times.

So this is very good for your hairs. It is very gentle and gives a natural effect to your hair.

I purchase this online from Amazon and the link is below.

1. Packaging
I forgot to take a picture when it arrived. But I can describe here. The bottle is a transparent plastic bottle. You can see the stuff as dark brown gel like. So this bottle has a cap and when you open it the shampoo comes out. So packaging wise great. It will not come out while traveling or pressing. 

There are many varieties you will find in khadi herbal shampoos. I have used two from them one is of amla bhringraj shampoo and the other one is satritha shampoo. I loved both of them and will try more varieties too.


I purchase this from Amazon and the MRP is Rs.170/- only for 210ml. It is worth buying at this price and you can buy online from Amazon or nykaa at some discounts.

You can see its life is almost three years. It takes very less amount at a time and also has a long bottle to use. 

The color of the shampoo is brownish shade for both type of shampoos like amla and satritha but the color is different for other shampoos like honey lemon aloe vera shampoo etc. You can see through the bottle.

The main ingredients in amla and bhringraj shampoo are extracts of Amla, Sesame oil, Brahmi, and Bhringraj. It also contains active ingredients like reetha, henna, neem extracts, glycerine, and kale.

As it is not clearly visible in the pic I attached cos of transparent texture with black beads so I give the details below.

The best thing is: it is free from paraben, mineral oil, phthalates, and SLS. These are all harmful chemicals generally you will find in many or I can say most of the shampoos in the market.
How to apply
The way you shampoo your hair, it can also be used in the same way. 

I can say yes, it really works what it claims for.
1. It has amla and bhringraj extracts that cleanse your scalp and hairs. Also, it will strengthen your hairs from root to tip. Gives you the long and thick hair. 
2. It also reduces hair fall.
3. It has neem extracts that work as an antiseptic for the scalp. If there is any hair or scalp disease, it will remove it for sure.
4. It helps to remove dandruff.


1. You must use a conditioner after every use of this shampoo. It will not give you smooth and silky texture, so must use a conditioner.
2. The packaging is very simple. As I have used Patanjali, Ayush and many herbal shampoos but this is really an effective one more than any of the other herbal shampoos.
So please guys don’t go for its packaging. It is very very effective and good shampoo.
Would like to buy again

YES YES YES and a Big Yes
I think this is the best herbal shampoo, I have ever used in my life and available in the market at this cost.

I will not give it 5/5 just because of its non-conditioning effect. It will not give silky and smooth hairs. So


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