IMAGICA Theme Park : A fun World for Everyone

How many of you just want a Detox Day i.e. No Work No Phone No stress No TV? I guess everyone needs one detox day. There are so many things you can do but here I recommend you to go for Imagica. What a place!

We sometimes feel how lucky we were when we were a kid or a teenager. Whenever I see a small child, My heart feels like what a beautiful age is this, Actually, they are living a Detox life. No stress, No work, No tension and free from everything.

But You can also have a detox day when you go for an outing or outstation with family or you can go a place full of fun and enjoyment, ADLABS  IMAGICA.

I recently visited there and I really really had so much fun and only fun. I felt like I was enjoying my childhood once again. There were Rides and Indoor Shows that will blow your mind. Those indoor shows were Awesome and The outdoor was Scary. Yeah, If you like to experience then You must go for it.

In India, Imagica is a complete package of enjoyment at a cost that can be afforded if you are an enjoyment freak. There are three main facilities or parks here- Theme Park, Water Park, and Snow Park. You have to give one full day for each one. The entry fees are different for each one. There are some combo packs also there.

There are two types of tickets

Express tickets and Regular Entry Tickets.

Express tickets are costlier than the regular ones. As if you are having Express tickets, you don’t need to wait for each slide. Especially if you are visiting on Weekends, You must go for Express tickets otherwise you can’t complete your theme Park. There is a total of 22 rides, 11 indoor and 11 outdoor.

Prices are different and they vary so much, Like in Summer Vacations the prices are so high, also on weekends. Check here There are Tuesday Offers also. On every Tuesday they give a high discount.

Theme Park

We were there for one day and we only explored Theme Park. I am sharing my experience there. Here as I mentioned before, There are 22 rides, 11 Indoors and 11 Outdoors. You can complete the theme park when you start your first ride by 11 am. You should be at the theme park by 10 and then buy tickets and just enter by 10.30 am.

Enjoy the area full of sculptures and Architecture, an artificial small waterfall and Beautiful Restaurants. And just don’t waste your time and first go for

Indoor Rides because the day time will pass in Air Conditioned indoor rides so you will be energetic and away from the Sun. Then enjoy your rides one by one.

And they are not like thrilling or adventurous but at the same time very creative and blow your mind. First, start with the Aerial view of India in I for India. It is beautiful, just enjoy every state of India.
Then explore the Underwater world in a 360 degree Dome. Kids gonna love this one.

Similarly, there is a Roller coaster in deep space, Rajasaurus is the best indoor I have enjoyed there, Please don’t miss it. Then Mirrors show, Mr. India is again then a great show, Kids Rides, Alladin and thieves, Horror House and many more. You can complete all these rides in 4 hrs. 

Outdoor Rides
Here you have an adventure, thrill and the scariest rides you have ever seen in India. There are also 11 rides to complete but here it will not take much time.

The scariest one is the Pendulum Swing and screams Machine. Oh, God! I am the person who enjoys these scary rides but the scream machine took my heart. I will not go for this one again. So, You have a choice.

Other than that Dare 2 Drop, Deep Space, Gold Rush Express and Hot Wheels Nitro are thrilling rides, You will scream like never before But you will enjoy at the same time if you like an adventure.

Apart from that, there are 3-4 Rides for kids, They can enjoy there at boat or twister or car racing, horse rides. So, Kids gonna have full fun there.

Enjoy Imagica Theme Park Video Here

Some Important Instructions

1. Outside food is not allowed there but I carried some snacks and water and fruits for my daughter. No one checked there. But instructions are like nothing is allowed but you carry some if you have a small baby or toddlers.

2. Kids up to 4 yrs of age can’t enjoy anything just one or two rides they can go. 
They are not allowed in some of the Indoor rides also because the height must be 40″. For Mr. India, Rajasauras, and many. 

3. If you are planning for the weekend then go for express tickets because you can’t enjoy waiting for the slides. 

4. You can complete the theme park in one day but you have to reach there in the morning by 10.30. Otherwise, there are so many things to explore. 

5. Foods are very costly there. Go for Buffet.

6. The indoor Rides will be closed by 5 pm and the outdoor at 7 pm sharp. After that, you can enjoy your time exploring artificial waterfall and rain dance and musical fountain. 

7. You must keep one extra pair of clothes for kids because they enjoy the musical fountain. 

8. Wear comfortable fit clothes, Make your hair in a ponytail or juda style. 

This place is full of adventure and happiness. Celebrate your day as a Detox day here. Here you can have a great photoshoot also. There are so many beautiful places and photography areas, some of them I am sharing here. 

Thank You

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