How to entertain your newborn

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There is a lot you are going through if you have a newborn. First of all many many congratulations and all the best for your parenthood. I am here to share some of the tips that you can do to entertain your baby.

Newborn babies do not need any expensive toys or something great, they just need you. It’s very easy to entertain your newborn. 

1. They need your attention
They just need your attention. Make eye to eye contact and .ale some funny faces or some funny voices. That will entertain your baby a lot. You have to be near them so that they can feel your presence and feel comfortable. 
2. Talk and sing
Your newborn don’t understand the words you say but they are capable of understanding the tone of your voice. Sing a song for them in a quiet tone that should be pleasant. Talk to them a lot a lot in this way your newborn make connection with you earlier than normal.
3. Objects
Newborn can’t see the colours all around they can only see the black and white patches or things. So you can make watch them some objects of black and white. 
4. Sounds
They can hear some sounds like, shake oats box , some music, spoon and bowl sound etc. These are the sounds they can pay attention to and think about them. 
5. Walk
Try to have a walk of 30 mins with your baby in the morning. That will give them vitamin D of sun and fresh oxygen. They feel good during that phase and talk slowly whatever you feel. 


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