Goodnews for parents: kids vaccination got approval for 6-12 years

oh my God ! One can’t even imagine how happy parents are now after hearing this news. Its really important for our kids and parents to fight against covid.

we all know how the covid cases gradually increasing day by day and physical school is also started for all. Kids are falling sick , getting viral infections , cold, cough etc have increased. Most of the parents were worried and I was also one of them.

i researched on Google and Instagram for pediatricians view on that. Because my daughter got sick after 1 week of school and she was fine in 2 years due to no outdoor things were allowed , no school , nothing was there.

but after hearing this news I felt so relaxed seriously. Vaccination played a vital role in 2 years in India and worldwide.

but with increasing counts of covid i am again going to cry literally. I don’t want that home caged life again. It felt like jail really every body can relate with this, I know.

thats why I really appreciate this step of our Government. I hope it will start soon and I will update you all when my daughter is vaccinated.

We will fight together and always focus on your and your families immunity. Health and fitness is the best gift you have. We all agree on it , right?

How you guys are feeling now. Share your views here below. I would highly appreciate .


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