Going out with a toddler

There are very rare chances when you go out after having a baby. It’s very difficult. Doing all the house works and then baby’s care is very hectic. 
But you need some time for yourself. Sometimes you want to have dine out or lunch or just shoppin,that way you can make yourself calm and energetic.
But with a baby, this becomes worst. Your baby starts crying and making the place, a total mess. 
You go out for your change but you won’t feel  the same or even worst sometimes.
Toddlers should be treated nicely every time

You can’t control their activities by instructing them. You have to be careful and alert too.

If you want to go out for dinner or party or just for shopping and you have a toddler., then it’s going to be the toughest task for you. 
That doesn’t mean you should always stay at home and get bored all the time.
You just have to be careful about certain things and yes it will be difficult but not worst.

1. Make sure your toddler has completed his nap. If he feel sleepy then you can’t enjoy your outing. He will cry and make it worst. So always take care of his routine and sleep.
2.Always make sure your toddler is in happy mood if you are going out. Don’t shout on him on that day atleast before going. Let him do whatever he likes.
3. Make him full at home before you go outside. You should always trust only home made foods for baby. So make him full, you never know about outside.
4. Keep some snacks with you so that if you stuck somewhere in traffic , you can make him eat something. I would say keep some  of his favourite.
5. Make your bag ready according to your toddler habits.
6. Make yourself ready before you start your toddler ready. They think they are ready and then they just gonna outside the house. So I always make myself ready and then I get ready my dear daughter.
7. I always keep one extra outfit for her whenever I go outside. You never know when you need an outfit if you have a naughty toddler like mine.
These are few things you should be make sure before going out . And chill ladies don’t get upset for anything wrong happen outside , you just do whatever you can do.


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