Forget about stretch marks after pregnancy: Yeah it’s true

Hi ladies

This title is weird a little but trust me you can have stretch marks free pregnancy. I don’t have a single line of stretch marks. Stretch marks actually happen post pregnancy or during pregnancy around thigh area and lower abdomen area. 

Some women have little and some get too much that looks horrible guys. It looks weird if you want to wear low waist saree or bikini or swimsuit or like this. This happens with almost every women. So ladies don’t be scared.

Here I am giving some tips that I have used.

Don’t scratch on your tummy by using your nails

As we know during pregnancy many of us feel so irritating on tummy and we just scratch with nails on it. See if you scratch with nails that will become your stretch marks for sure. 

Always try to scratch with fingers if you feel so much irritation. Otherwise, try to avoid these irritations. Apply moisturizer and oils.

Apply oils twice or thrice a day
Oils(almond oil, coconut oil, and castor oil)

Irritation actually happens due to dryness. If your skin is dry then you should apply oil 3-4 times a day. If oily then 2 times a day will be fine for you.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water slowly(sip by sip). It depends on weather conditions too. So have cucumber, soups or coconut water accordingly. In this way actually you are making yourself hydrated and your skin will not become dry. 

The quality increases by the time you follow these things. Dry skin ladies please take care of yourself the most because dry skin shows more irritation than the only ones. so always apply oil or cream or moisturizer. 

Moisturizer cream

Use good quality moisturizer (paraben free). I used Nivea blue one day on my tummy after a bath. You can use Neutrogena moisturizer too. I like both of them and used them.

These are some tips from my end. If you follow these tips I would definitely say you will not face stretch marks.


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