Diaper bag must haves for infants: Very Very Important to check

Hi lovely moms,
We become very caring but frustrated too when it comes to travel with a baby. See motherhood is not an easy job. It makes you feel like a prime minister of a country. Yeah that much of responsibility you can feel. Traveling with baby becomes like hell for mothers. See you can not enjoy with baby if you think you can.
I am here to give a checklist before you go out or travel with your baby. Always keep some of them permanently so that you can save some time. You have to make your baby ready and yourself too. You don’t have much time for makeup, hair, accessories etc. You just have to be very very quick in your every work. That’s why I am saying to keep some of them permanently in your bag.
The must have checklist consists of these things below.
Checklist before you go out with your little one
1. Diapers
Diapers are actually boon for us. yeah really I can’t imagine my life without diapers. I always keep two diapers in my each bag so that if i forget before going out accidentally I will not be in trouble.. Try to take the diapers according to the duration of your travel. 
2. hand sanitizer
See You have to maintain hygiene for your baby whether you are going out or not. You must must must maintain hygiene.  If you are inside, you can maintain but while travelling You can not clean your hand with soap with water every time. So always keep one sanitizer in your bag permanently.
3. Baby wipes
This is again must have. It again should be in your bag permanently. No options guys. you have to keep these things when it comes to your lovely baby. You never know when your infant is going to poop or vomit. So always keep a baby wipe of any brand doesn’t matter.
4. Baby bottle
Yeah this too a must have thing. Buy 3-4 baby bottles necessarily. Always sterilize these bottles then only keep milk or water in it. Sterilize the bottles after each use. Never use a formula milk if its been in the bottle for more than two hrs. 
5. Warm water in flask
Always keep one litre of warm water guys. You can make formula instantly anywhere. This will make you travel easy somehow. Your baby will not trouble you much if they feel full.
6. Infants food
When it comes to infants food what you think guys. You should only start the infant’s food after 6 month. Before that only try to breastfeed if possible otherwise you can use formula. After 6 months you can use cerelacs and all but I personally don’t like all these processed foods. I would say give only fresh and home cooked food to infants too. I will share on infants food options next.
7. stole
Assume you are in a marketplace and then your infant feels hungry and you cant control. Then search for a place where you can sit and feed your baby. In that situation you can cover with your stole and feed.
 I hope this will help you a little while going out. Have a nice trip. Thank you.

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