Everything about Late talking child and A right approach for parents

  • June 08, 2018
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Why my baby is not talking at this age? He doesn't speak more than two to three words. He only speaks momma and daddy. He only listens and doesn't try to speak much.  Is there any problem with my child or Is it normal?

There are lots of anxious questions for late talking child. Parents just get anxious for their child. Is it normal or not? I have seen many children who don't talk more and after some time they started speaking fluently.
But We should be aware and alert and encourage them at every stage to talk. We should know the reason behind Delayed speaking.

Many times our society make it abnormal and make anxious parents. I have heard many times these type of things. people suggest you do this or that or give him this give him ho

ney and all, you know.  But what exactly one should do in that situation and when you should take it seriously?

Everything is here, just be patient. First of all, We need to know What is normal, Right? Here I am talking about a normal child, not an autism baby. 

Normal Talking Child

Most of the child starts talking almost at the same age. But if you are talking about the research and rules then,

A baby must say one to two words at the age of 1.

A combination of words by the age of 18months-20 months. 
Even more, like they can make a sentence of three to four words like - what is your name. which color is this? What is this?  And they should start following and repeating your words and sentences. They can start singing rhymes Johny Johny yes papa and many more. 

By the end of three years, They should be able to understand by outsiders.  They can understand your instructions practically. Maybe they don't tell you a story but they can speak well from now onwards.

By the end of 4 years, They can fully speak and use many sentences and start telling stories. They may mispronounce some words but they can clearly speak.

So these are the normal conditions of a child speaking at an early stage.

Reasons behind Late Talking

There are some children who cant speak according to the mentioned timeline but that doesn't mean they are not normal. There are various reasons behind it.

1. Boys are the late talkers 
Many times we have seen that boys are the late talkers as compared to girls. Not just speech but in every aspect, walk talk and height and everything. They are late as compared to girls.

2. Premature Baby
If you have a premature baby then it is normal to start late in talking. They are not developed enough and that is why they need more care and patience. They are late in everything talking, walking and all normal activities.

3. Twins
Twins also react like a premature baby. They also show the late talking and walking and other activities.

4. Ear Infection 
See if you can't hear properly, you cant speak then. So if there is ear infection at the early stage then that may cause a late talk.

5. Elder Brother and Sister

If your toddler has a talkative elder brother or sister then there could be two situations first is he can start talking very early by copying them or 2nd is he may don't talk because they don't feel any need of taking.

6. Don't pay attention to talking

This may be a reason as he has more attention is other activities and don't pay attention to talking.

7. Genes
Research also shows that genes also affect this habit. If the late talking is in the family genes then It may be the reason.

What to do in the above Normal conditions

I have given 7 normal conditions behind late talking. In any of the above problems what you must do are listed below-

1. Always spend more time with your child and talk to them politely and beautifully.

2. take a toy phone and talk to them using that phone. see gadgets attract children right and that way they can start talking.

3. Always try to find his interest, It may be singing or music or drawing or other activity. Engage him in that and you should also be there for him.

4. Sing a song and rhymes and talk to them in an interesting way that makes them feel happy.

5. Always encourage them to speak no matter what. Even they only speak a single word trying to make them speak repeat and then speak. Don't interrupt.

6. Try to find the tongue is not too attached or there is not an ear infection.

7. Don't let them watch TV for so long. That may also affect talking ability. 

So these are the approaches you must follow but when you should go to your pediatrician. 
I would say if you feel your child is not speaking more than two words after 18 months then you should go to your pediatrician. 

He will check his tongue and ear infection or any other problem.

I hope this article would be helpful for you guys.

Thank you.

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  1. As a mom of 3 preemies and one very late talker this post is spot on. I love when you said talk to them beautifully and politely. I think that sentence right there is extremely important. We as parents should be cognizant of how we are speaking to our children, late talker or not.

  2. Your post has great information. My sister didn't talk until she was three except for mama and dada. Once she started talking she didn't stop talking.

  3. my oldest talked so early and my youngest was a little later. it's so interesting to see how different each kid is.

  4. Wow this is definitely helpful! I know my mom said we all started talking at different ages.

  5. As a parent, you are always concerned about your babies reaching certain milestones as they are developing. It's actually stressful!! My oldest was an early talker, but then I have twins who were 8 weeks pre-mature. They had to go through Early Intervention.

  6. It's important to know that all kids are different, so comparing them to others is just causing unnecessary concern. I always checked with my pediatrician to make sure my kids were on track.

  7. It is definitely important to know that all kids are different and will learn at theirown pace, but there is an overall scale that most parents and pediatricians use. My son did a lot of milestones early for his age group, but I always talked with my pediatrician.

  8. My sister's oldest was late to talk. She won't shut up now!

  9. My first born was a late talker, due to chronic ear infections (which you mentioned). After doing tubes and speech therapy, she caught up and is doing great now. Many years later, I mentioned this story to a holistic natural practitioner, and she said children who have chronic ear infections many often have milk allergies, that cause those infections.

  10. I don't have children myself (yet) but a couple of my friends who are parents have had anxiety about their children being late developers because they've not started talking by the age of 2 (and in one case, nearly 3). There are some really helpful tips included in your post that should put mother's (and father's minds at rest) x

  11. Since all babies are different and may reach developmental milestones at various times it's best for us moms to continue to encourage baby and praise them for all attempts at communicating.

  12. One of my best friends noticed that her child wasn't speaking at the normal rate - but thought she would eventually come around. After a few year, of not really being able to speak, she got her checked. I say all that because this article is SO important. Thank you for this resource.

  13. My child never stops talking. He talked "on time" for his age but every child learns differently. I know the key for him was just us talking to him. We read so much from an early age and just tried to talk to him like an adult as much as possible. This is a really great list to help get your child to talk. And patience is always the most important part. :)

  14. I agree, sometimes gadget is the culprit. And what works for my child is we talked to her using one language at a time.