khadi multani mitti(fuller's earth) face pack

  • April 01, 2018
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Here comes a natural face pack ,"Multan mitti from khadi naturals". This is a natural mineral clay that has been used from many many years ago for beauty.

There were no soaps and shampoos before so people used to apply multani mitti on their face, body and hairs. Nothing is really needed after that. It actually works wonder On both skin and hair.

The mitti is natural product then but can we use mitti(clay) as it is now, no. We can't, because of pollution, chemicals in soil and many more reasons. So what we do is purchase multani mitti from any brand but I personally prefer from khadi naturals.

You can trust this brand blindly because all of their products are free from chemicals , paraben SLS etc.
One more thing I must say is we should motivate our Indian brands for increasing our economy and motivate our brands.
So come to our product review.

It's packaging is quiet simple. I purchased this online from Amazon like always. It comes in a pink plastic container with a brownish red cap. I purchased 200g pack.


MRP is Rs 140/- only. I mean it is really economic.

You can use this product after 3 yrs from manufacturing date.

Multani mitti only. Free from any chemicals or things. It is in powder form.

How to make a face pack

You can make a face pack in many ways but I am sharing my way as
One tbsp(table spoon) of multani mitti + one teaspoon of sandal wood powder and one or two tbsp of rose water.
Just mix it well and your face pack is ready.

You can add a pinch of turmeric and milk for glowing skin.

How to apply
Your face pack is ready now.
1. clean your face with water and Pat it dry.
2. Apply this pack with the help of brush or fingers on your face and neck area. leave the sensitive areas like eyes. 
3. Let it dry for 10- 15 mins.
4. Then rinse it with water.
5. Apply your moisturizer.

You should use it twice a week for better results.

Benefits of multani mitti

There are many many benefits of fuller's earth or multani mitti. It is really really good for skin hair and body. 

1. It is full of magnesium, silica, quartz, calcium, iron, calcite and dolomite. 
2. It has cooling effect that releases heat from the skin and gives soothing effect. That is why it removes acne and blemishes.  
3. It is an excellent exfoliater . Just use the pack and rub gently on your skin and it will remove dead cells from the top of your skin and also remove blackheads and whiteheads.
4 It suits oily skin people like me. it remove oil and dirt from your skin. 
5. It clears the skin by fading blemishes and scars left behind acne.
6. It also helps to reduce bad sun tan and gives you glowing skin.
7. You can also make hair mask, it will be good for hair fall and dandruff.

There is nothing you can find negative about this product. In my next article i will share the many ways of making face masks.

Buy it again

Yes Yes. A big Yes.

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