HOW I organised my daughter's BIRTHDAY PARTY at home for 30 PEOPLE

  • April 18, 2018
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hey everyone
My daughter turned 2. I remember the day when I hold her in my arms for the first time and now she is 2 yrs old. Time really flies. I am sharing her first pic in the hospital and now the 2nd birthday.


This week is special and I make her happier. I wished her at 12 am and kissed her too much too much literally.

I organized a birthday party at home as I have space in my house. And I don't have any maid or helper for this.

Her birthday party with our friends and her friends and family. She just wants a bite her cake, look at her!


It's Us. My husband me and yes my little one. Only I am the one who is giving perfect pose. My husband sometimes behaves like a kid. See how he is enjoying the party props.


It was a weekday so many people came after the cake cutting. But the ones who love it are there.


It's her day. My Shona my love my beautiful daughter "ITIKA".


Here come my neighbors' daughters. Posing with party props.

Here are the latecomers. They came after office work. So the party was almost ended but began for them. See how they are posing! They are not looking tired at all. My nephew so cute sid enjoying.


I started this preparation one week before.

I can't go out and shop everything at once as she is very small. I ordered many things from Amazon. As I have a prime membership, so it takes one to two days for delivery. That is the major benefit of prime.

So here I am giving the list and how I used it. So here we go with the arrangements I did within a week.

1. Make a list with pen and paper

I think this is the best way to make a list for any event you organized and to make it remember also. If you are comfortable in your phone then you can go with that but I prefer this way.I share the basic things how you should start and make a list of everything.

A. Number of people
This is the first step for that. Always start with the crowd you have to handle first. I parted this also into two categories as first is adults and kids. Now I organized things accordingly.

B. The menu 
The menu is the main factor people are interested. Other things may get worse but if the food is good then all things get good. I made everything at home. I will share how I prepared all for 30 people without maids.
supper- Pav Bhaji + wafers+ cold drinks+ cake.
Dinner- Matar paneer+ puri+ raita+ jeera rice.
Dessert- Ice Cream

C. List your groceries and vegetables
I make two lists one list for groceries and then for vegetables and fruits according to my menu. I make a list of all the things according to the number of people and the menu.

D. The ready-made snacks items.
There are many snacks items that are available in the market like wafers chips peanuts chocolates etc.

E. Decoration items
I have ordered balloons than the air pump to make them within a less span of time. I ordered many ribbons for making my wall beautiful. Balloon pump makes you so much relief. I think it takes one hr to pump all the balloons ready.

2. Dress for the birthday girl
This actually I purchased from a shop in the market. I go for the casual dress this time because the princess dresses look good but you can't make her wear that many times. This year is for a casual denim dress.

Then I arranged my dress too in blue and white combination.

3. Ordered cake
Many times it takes 3 days for a cake to get ready. This time I have ordered a 3-D cake. It takes 2 days to get completed. If you think of these parties then you would have ordered 3 days before. It is 2 Kg cake pure veg, will be enough for 30-40 people.

4. Paper plates, glass, and ice cream cups
There were around 25 people for dinner and so I purchased 50 plates for food and 30 plates for supper and snack items. I have selected the eco-friendly bio plates for dinner.

5. Return gifts
Next comes return gifts. There are many things available in bulk. I have ordered a stationary stand which has a very cute design and photo frame too. I have ordered this from Amazon.

6. Make a design for decorations
You can't do the decoration on that special day if you can't prepare the things before. I designed or looked for the design on the internet. I finalize one and then the work will be done on that day.


There are multiple options available in this balloon HBD. I have ordered in multicolored. Also, I have ordered 2 number in the same pattern and you can get any number.

next is 2 number balloon in the same pattern. You can find any number you want in this pattern.


This wall is decorated by itika's friends. They made all the smileys and pasted it here.

So these are the preparations for my little one's birthday.  I have started just one week before and arranged everything. Most of the things I have purchased online so I have shared the links too.

I hope this will be helpful for you all. 

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  1. You did such an amazing job! I take my hat off to you and give you the highest praise. Looks like your party was a huge success. When is the next one? :)

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  7. Wonderful Job and your daughter is adorable. Love the colors you picked and the cake.

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  9. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Sounds like you threw her a great party! Thank you for all the tips!

  10. Aw wow what an adorable post and looked like a great party!

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  13. Sounds like a fun birthday party! Learned so much about being organized and planning ahead.

  14. You really did a great job of planning this party for such a large group of people. I'm sure your daughter was very happy.

  15. You really put thought into your planning for the party. Amazon can have some great finds, when you take the time to do some research. I am sure you daughter had a great birthday party and will cherish your love and effort always.

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