• March 27, 2018
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hey Everyone

Today I am here with a great product from WOW.  This one is the first product I am using this brand. This brand actually makes chemical free products and you all know I always go for that. So let's check this out. 

I am reviewing this after using it for three weeks. As summers are here, our skin gets oily after every 2-3 hrs. My skin is oily and I was like washing my face
with cold water after every 2 hrs.

So this is very essential you select your face wash according to your skin and weather. This face wash claims anti-aging anti-acne antifungal

I purchase this online from Amazon and the link is below.

1. Packaging
I forgot to take a picture when it arrived. But I can describe here. The bottle is a transparent plastic bottle. You can see the stuff as gel-like transparent and has black beads of charcoal. So this bottle has a spray like cap and when you push it the gel comes out. So packaging wise great. It will not come out while traveling or pressing. 

I purchase this from Amazon and the MRP is Rs.349/-. It is worth buying at this price and you can buy online from Amazon or nykaa at some discounts.

You can see its life is almost two years. It takes very less amount at a time so it is long lasting.

The color of the face wash is transparent with black charcoal beads. You can see through the bottle.

So you can see the main ingredients are activated charcoal beads, glycerin,  water, coconut oil, orange peel oil and tea tree oil.
As it is not clearly visible in the pic I attached cos of transparent texture with black beads so I give the details below.

The best thing is: it is free from paraben, mineral oil, phthalates, and SLS. These are all harmful chemicals generally you will find in many or I can say most of the face wash in the market.

How to apply
First, wet your face with water.
Take a small amount on your palm and just use your both hands and make a lather on your face.
Massage your skin for a min then rinse it with water.


I can say yes, it really works what it claims for.
1. It has charcoal beads that cleanse your skin from every dirt and pollution. 
2. It has a coolant effect as it has tea tree oil in it. It works for oily skins. But in summers will work for every skin type.
3. Reduces blemishes as it has charcoal beads
4. It has beads of charcoal so it exfoliates a little and removes dead skin.
5. Has tea tree oil so good for acne-prone skin. It gives very coolant effect and removes pimples and acne.
6. It generally hydrates skin as it has coconut oil and aloe vera gel and orange peel oil.

It has gel-like texture in which you can feel charcoal beads. 

Like I said I am in love with it but if I think too much about cons then only found one and that is its smell. 
It has a very mild smell that does not last even for few hours.
It may not suit for very sensitive skin type people.

Would like to buy again

YES YES YES and a Big Yes
I think this is the best face wash I have ever used in my life and available in the market at this cost.

It is wow like its name. The best face wash I have ever used mainly for summers.

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  1. thank you for your honest review, this looks like a great product! I love that it's all natural, definately a big plus!

  2. I wonder what this would look like on your face. Did it feel tight or smooth during the treatment? I bet it was smooth

  3. I like that it is paraben-free. The ingredients sound great for mixed skin. What made me doubt is that at the end you say you would not recommend it for sensitive skin.

  4. Never used this product but I love the packaging and wouldn't mind trying it out.

  5. I am all for chemical free products for the skin. I have used the same face wash for years and love seeing more brands joining the wave of chemical free products.

  6. This looks like a great product, and I love that it has so few ingredients as well as none of those harmful ones.

  7. This looks like a great product. I would love to try it out for my night time skin care routine

  8. My wife is already using it and she feels she has started to like it.

  9. I have been using their shampoo and night cream. Need not to say that all the products of WOW are really promising

  10. I havent tried this brand before but I have a charcoal wash which I love! Charcoal really is great for the skin!

  11. this looks like an awesome Face wash.. Will surely give it a try sometime. Charcoal is very good for skincare

  12. this looks like an awesome Face wash.. Will surely give it a try sometime. Charcoal is very good for skincare

  13. Looks like a great product. I haven't used anything like that in the past. I bet my friends have though!

  14. I have a charcoal mudmask and I super love it. I thought before I wouldn't like it because I'm scared the mud will clog my pores but it did the opposite. Now I also want to try this product!

  15. I heard something about the amazing effects of charcoal for skin care. I have to check this out, thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh wow... why is it so expensive or is that a typo with the cost on the amazon link? Sounds like a great product but I am not sure of the cost.