White discharge during pregnancy

  • February 18, 2018
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hey everyone
Here I am with a very sensitive issue of women, Leukorrhea. It a normal thing for girls and women out there. But it may cost you when avoided.

It is the thing when many women get embarrassed while talking about. But I think we should think about our body and its requirements first. Love yourself, love your body and love everything whether it is food fashion or vaginal care. 

Treat your vagina as a body part like any other. Hygiene is a very important thing to do. 

Leukorrhea is a vaginal discharge. It is actually also known as white or yellowish discharge. It can happen at any age. it may go for a while and come after some years. There is no consistency of occurrence. 

There are many causes for this. I am here to explain everything about it. I first gonna give my experience regarding this. 

I had that when I was 15 yrs old. I got that after my periods arrived. sometimes it may come before periods. I then went to a doc and I was told that I had an infection there and I had to take some medicine. 

But it never ends for me actually. It happened after some years again then completely gone and then came. 

Then after I got pregnant it started like OMG. I again went to the doc and I was prescribed Vwash plus for vaginal wash because the ph level is different there and I maintain my hygiene like never before then it reduced some level but not gone. 

Then I was told by the doc that it's normal during pregnancy to have vaginal discharge. It should not be like too much that you found you panty wet in every discharge. It occurred three to four times a day or maybe more. 

There is nothing to worry for this is in a limited amount. So I start a brief discussion about the same as

There are many causes actually but the main things are
Hormonal imbalance
Infection, yeast infection 
Genetic disease 

1. Texture
White or yellowish or grey color 
Very thick or mucus-like or may be thin 

2. Smell
It is odorless mostly 
Have a mild smell 

3. When you should take it seriously during pregnancy 

1. When in every discharge you found your pants wet. So this is too much. Consult your doc. 
2. When it changes its color. Become green or darker or have a blood spot or clots then consult your doc. 
3. When it smells very fishy or very strong, then there is some infection around there. So consult your doc. 
4. If you feel itching and irritation and any kinda pain then consult your doc. 

4. What should I do 
Never treat it by yourself. Always notify this to your health care provider. 

You should use cotton panty liners if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

Wash your vagina with Vwash to maintain the ph level their

Maintain your hygiene like never before. 

There are some good and bad bacteria in the vagina and you have to maintain the good bacteria there,  so never use anything that affects those. Always always always consult your doc.
Thank you. 

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  1. This is super helpful, especially for newly pregnant women and first time moms. I know things like this can really freak a woman out and they really also feel embarrassed and there is no need to!

  2. Proper hygiene. I was told by my OB to use vaginal wash (Betadine wash) occasionally (when needed) to prevent the vagina from drying. A mild soap and warm water is best. Our immunity sometimes falls due to stress, hormonal imbalance, food, lack of sleep...and this also affects our reproductive system. Eat right, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and of course watch hygiene.

  3. Very helpful article for all women. We ignore things until it gets serious. It's a great reminder that we should respect and take good care of ourselves. Thanks for the reminder Shraddha!

  4. I am sure this post will be such a relief to some people. It can be so hard to know what is and isn't normal in new situations.

  5. This is such an interesting post, I am almost to the age where I am hoping to start a family and while I know its normal usually this is something that would have really freaked me out if I hadn't read this post! Love that you are so open and honest about things like this. Such a great place to read!

  6. Feminine health can be so mysterious sometimes! Thanks for talking about an issue that many of us feel embarrassed about.

  7. True, Hygiene is important for us ladies. I also experienced having Leukorrhea a lot of times already. Thank you for posting this. I was relieved.

  8. This is important to talk about. It can help a lot of people, that's for sure. Most people are too embarrassed to speak up, and they shouldn't be. It happens!

  9. Honest and informative post! Talking or writing about feminine hygiene would be helpful for ladies health for sure.

  10. I appreciate a sensitive subject like Leukorrhea being brought up for discussion. Yes, I feel that too many women may be embarrassed to talk about it, but this is really informative.

  11. So many symptoms that go along with pregnancy, sometimes it's hard to know what's normal and not. Thanks for your info on this subject!

  12. It is really important to be hygienic, I mean, it's our body so we need to take care of it. Thank you for these information.

  13. Great to talk about this topic. Always best to ask your doc. Sometimes it means nothing and sometimes it means something.

  14. There's so much about pregnancy that people don't talk about. It's all morning sickness, but there's a whole lot more going on.

  15. So many things change when you're pregnant. It's also good to have an information checklist like this one for the just in case.

  16. I liked this post! Super informational. I love it when bloggers make great bold choices to talk about what may seem to be a touchy or sensitive subject for some people We as women should really know our bodies. Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. Every woman should take very special care for their hygiene and whilst this discharge can happen at any time, I can imagine that during pregnancy is worrying. Good advice!

  18. What an interesting topic. Topics of this nature are always very educational and welcomed.

  19. I think it’s important to discuss women’s health topics. I don’t get why they have to be so taboo. It happens to all women at some point and it’s great to have information to help

  20. There are so many crazy things that happen during pregnancy. That's good you got it checked out right away. We had a weird issue with discharge around the site of the incision with the C-section. Freaked us out, but fortunately it wasn't a problem.

  21. Thank you very much for sharing this. I experienced this before and it was kind of startling.

  22. Very helpful information. I agree, always consult with a doctor and follow their treatment.

  23. Pregnancy is such a weird thing. I actually hated being pregnant, and think my daughter will be an only child lol.

  24. Lot of changes happen to the body during pregnancy. This is great for first time moms to know.

  25. This is an important post! I never been pregnant but I am sure this is common.

  26. hey dear,
    thank you so much for sharing,your post are wonderful and really so use for me....