2018 Hospital bag must haves: A Checklist

Hi Ladies
here I am giving you the checklist before you go to the hospital for delivery.  9th month is very critical you never know which day you have to run to hospital. Ok so pack your hospital bag on the first day of your ninth month.

here we go now-

check list for mommy

1. two nightgowns 

you will need a nightgown the day you got into surgery. The nightgown will make you comfortable and your gynaecologist too.

2. petticoats(saree shaper) 
this is a must actually you have to wear the sari shaper during your labor and surgery. Keep at least two of them.

3. one homecoming dress 
after the delivery when you got your baby , you must be very excited for homecoming. You must capture it in your camera that’s why keep a homecoming beautiful dress.

4.sanitary pads
yeah periods are back now. It will go on up to one month or some more days. So you have to keep bunch of sanitary pads.

5.mobile, charger and earphones 
These are the essentials actually . You even can live without your phone. So make sure to keep charger and earphones too.

6.personal bag
it consists of your personal things like toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up, moisturizer, hairbands, hair clips, clutches, face wash, hand wash, napkins, flip flops, towel  etc.

7.nursing bra and pillow
This is also very necessary thing keep it now if you forget.

8. scissor
If your newborn stool a lot then you should have many diapers. If you out of it then make some clothe nappies using scissor.

9. pen and paper
This is essential to write down some important things like baby born time, the medications of baby, injections list and all.

10. one of your ID
That actually hospital formality thing.

You have to keep some snacks during your delivery.
Checklist for baby

1. baby clothe(cotton)
2. baby napkins 
3. hand sanitizer
4. nappies
5. towel
6. baby oil
7. baby powder
8. bedding for baby

I think i have shared almost everything. other than that depends on your environmental conditions and hospital. Thank you.


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