Argan oil of morocco review

  • December 27, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hey everyone
Today I am reviewing a must-have product for everyone. This is OgX Renewing argan oil of Morocco. This is a penetrating oil for all hair types.

I am on my fourth bottle and I can say this really works for your hair. Post delivery I have lost almost half of my hairs and it was always frizzy and dry and very rough.

Then I started using this and it makes my hair quality very good and removes frizziness.

This works for me so for you. I think you should give a try once. Then you will feel the difference for sure.
Now we come to the one by one review of this product.

1. Packaging
I have ordered this online from Amazon. And it comes in a small carton. Very nicely packed. The bottle is also packed very nicely. The flip is there for opening the bottle. It is leak free, you can carry it in your bag.

2. Price
Its price is 789 RS. I bought in the sale from Amazon, I purchased this 689 RS only. You can purchase this from Nyka also.

3. Ingredients
Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane,   Dimethiconol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Fragrance, Yellow 11 (CI 47000), Red 17 (CI 26100).

4. Texture
This is not oil type thing. You would have used many oils like Coconut olive or castor but this is really different in texture. 
It is like a serum, very thick gel type and it is non-sticky.

5. How to use 
It is good not only for your hair but also for the skin.  
I use this on my hair after shampoo. I rinse through and pat dry with a towel and then I take the very little amount of oil on my fingers then rub on the fingers of both hands and then apply gently on the hairs. 
You can use a drop of oil on your face and neck. Just avoid near the eye area. This will make your skin fresh and glowing.


1. Healthy hair
2. Remove frizziness 
3. Tangle-free hairs
4. Rejuvenate skin
5. Heavenly smell and it will long be lasting. I really love it.

I didn't find any cons to the product. 
I find it very difficult to purchase from a store in India. You can find it only in some medical stores or cosmetic stores. That's why I bought it online from Amazon. 

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  1. Always wanted to try this oil but never got the chance to,I guess I should just give in and get it.I heard great reviews about it and should really give it a go.

  2. Oo I just love this! We use it often. This is such a fabulous brand.

  3. I've actually seen this product at the store, but I'd never purchased it because I was wondering if the oil would weigh my hair down and make it flat. I'm happy to learn that you love it and recommend it. The next time I'm out shopping and come this Argon Oil of Morocco, I will definitely put it in my shopping cart!

  4. I actually love the gold packaging. It looks so cool. Good thing that it is non-sticky!

  5. I have heard great things about this product and brand and your review confirms everything I have heard. I guess I have to try it! I had no idea it was good for your skin too

  6. Never tried this brand but I am already reading so many good feedbacks about Argan oil and how it does wonder. Now I am thinking of trying it for myself as well. - Anosa Malanga

  7. Honestly my hair is so frizzy, I really need to try something like this myself and see how if it helps as I have heard good things about Argan oil before.

  8. I tried this many years ago and used to swear by this! At the time it came in blue packaging, I think I might have even mentioned it in a post or two of mine!

  9. Yay, i've been seeing this at next to my favorite shampoo brand, but i didnt pay much attention. Thanks gor your review. I will grab them today!

  10. This is one of my favorite brands! Absolutely love it!

  11. I've been using their products for years, and I really like their Argain Oil. It smells delicious!

  12. I am yet to use this product. my nephew uses this and it works wonders on his little fro! this year my hair has not received any of my attention, I think its time to take some action.

  13. This review helps me to know this product better. I have heard about it but I have not tried it yet. Your experience with argan oil of Morocco is helpful for someone who wants to give it a try.

  14. I really like this too. My hair has gotten so much drier as I've gotten older, and this definitely gives it moisture and makes it less frizzy.

  15. I like Argan Oil because it really does wonders for the hair. I haven't tried this brand, though.

  16. I was always hesitant to try oils/serums in my already thin hair. After reading your review, I may just have to go to a drugstore and pick it up :)

  17. Absolutely love argan oil! Never tested this brand before but I definitely should give it a try!

  18. I've used this in the past. It was decent enough. I liked it.

  19. I am so thankful to you for this review. I am definitely going to give it a go

  20. Thank you soo much for the review.... As wanted to try Argan Oil Products... this would help me to know the product even better ☺️👍🏻

  21. Thanks a lot for this review. I really like a anything argan oil. had never heard of this particular product though. could give it a go!