Father's untold story

  • November 24, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Ok I know this is the point where everyone can connect themselves in his family, I think it happens to everyone.

Mother always sacrifice a lot,yes it's true but anyone think a bit of what father sacrifices for his child, his family, his entire life.
A couple who becomes a new parent, there is a new member join them, a little baby. Who don't want to be with them or who don't want to spend time with the baby? It depends on the situation of parents.
Mother always has to be with baby because of breastfeeding and other caring things that a mother can do only. And every one knows one has to go out for earnings? In most of the cases it's a FATHER
A father also wants to spend time with a child and some quality moments but he can't do this, just to earn money because at the end ,this is the important thing for our living.
I want every child to think about this once. We just think about our moms. Our parents sacrifices equally what they can do at their level. No one is comparable. We should give same respect and love to both of them. 
Many times our mother shows her love and father can't. That's the difference between a male and female. Females can show their love and emotions easily then men.
When the father retires and becomes old then he only want to do those things what he couldn't do before just because of his busy schedule. 
Just think once if he would have spended time with you then what would have been the economic status of your life. 
We only get to know these things when we  actually become parents and then only we can realize the sacrifices of our MOM and DAD. Sometimes it gets too late to understand.

I just want to say few things you can do-:

1. don't leave your parents alone I mean yes it is difficult but you can spend at least one or two hrs a day with them. Trust me guys you will make their day by spending only one or two hrs a day.
2. Spend time with your father alone. Sometimes your father needs one to one talk with you. 
3 never compare your mother and father sacrifices. They did the best for you at their level. 
4. Have a small trip with your parents.
5. Make your father busy in something he can do at that time.
Thank you

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  1. I read your article. I understand your point of not comparing parental sacrifices, but I will say this, there are mothers who give all and fathers who think their only job is to make a paycheck and will not do anymore. This causes much harm to the family, especially the children

  2. I am sorry but i would say it depends on your experience. a Father does his job for paycheck, is also a kind of sacrifice in my opinion. There are many things a person want to do in life whether its a man or woman, but they do what is good for the child they have and that is a sacrifice. Father struggle for the paycheck so that his family live a happy and comfortable life and a mother do her part. I am not saying who do more or less, obviously mother's sacrifice is much more. just describing a father's side which is an untold story.
    Thank you for commenting here