What should be baby's first food: MUST READ

  • November 06, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hi Mom's

Generally, there are many questions arise after your baby become 6months old. like what to give , how to give, what are the best options available in the kitchen and market . 

First of all friends never ever give your baby anything other than breast milk or formula till 6month. Not even water yeah I didn't give my daughter water even in summers. This affects your baby's immunity system. Researchers also proved it.

You can consult your gynecologist too they will say the same. After your little one become 6 months old now than how to start meal now. I am sharing what I did with my little one.
I organised her Annaprashan ceremony where the eldest person of the family make taste the little one first food. Especially people prefer kheer as a first food to baby. And after that only I started giving grains and gradually increases her diet. All these things depends on your family, traditions too.

Here I am giving you the details how I started week by week. You can modify accordingly.

Week 1
I start with purified water first in little amount. Start giving honey just for a taste. I soaked one almond overnight and make a paste of it and give my daughter in the morning daily.
After that you know your baby has to have everything so I give water of the cooked pulses 4-5 spoons. You can give fruits(seasonal fruits). You can add banana, orange, avocado and sweet potatoes.
See never give too much in first week. We should give everything in small amount and increase accordingly day by day.
Make sure the amount or quantity should be very very less as 3-4 teaspoon along with the breast milk or formula.
And yes maintain hygiene as much as possible.

Test a food for three days at least, it will not affect your baby stomach. So be alert while giving your baby any food. You can give mashed boiled potatoes, overcooked rice, soups, cow milk, apple shake, banana shake etc. See increase the number of items but in less amount.

Week 3
I always say to give your baby fresh and hygienic foods. so try to avoid processed ready to eat food for baby as much as you can. Now until the 2nd week, you know about your baby taste and what your baby can digest easily. In that way, you now give them accordingly. You can add mashed parathas too like add all healthy veggies in boiled potato and make parathas and mash them properly and then give your baby. You can add the egg a little too.
This will go continuously till your baby become 9 months old. after that you can add more options. I will share a chart if you really want in proper amount.

Now the meal timing also makes an important role in your baby's health. Always try to make the routine from the first day of the meal plan. only the meals can be different but the timing should be the same day. like

First thing in the morning
one almond paste form mix with honey
then milk

1/4 dosa, 1/4 besan(gram flour) chilla or sooji(semolina) chilla, half slice bread sandwich or 1/4 boiled egg.

mid-morning snack
Any fruit

Khichdi, Dal 1/4th roti mashed

evening snack
Dinner accordingly

Thank You friends. If you have any query regarding any topic of motherhood, you can comment below and also contact me via mail. I will try my best.

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  1. Great information for tips on trying to wean your child, I never followed this rules but it all worked out at the end.

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