Prepare yourself to be a MOM

  • November 17, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

This is really very exciting phase of your life. Your life's gonna change now. Live the life you have right now that is the most important and wonderful phase of your life. Trust me Guys you will miss this time when you have no responsibility and you can sleep for atleast 8-10 hrs a day.

Do whatever you want. Because it's gonna change completely. So here are some things you should think before you become a mom.
Prepare yourself yes this is it. Prepare yourself for being a mom. What are the things you need at 9th month.

Your Needs

1.You should make yourself hydrated for the overall duration and you know you have to go for loo more frequently but that doesn't mean you have less amount of water. That actually make your skin and body and your amniotic sac good.

2.Think of a new member in your family. Go for the Photoshoot and embrace your pregnancy.

3.Don't compromise your sleep before having a baby. Just sleep as much as you want. Trust me this you are gonna miss very much.

4.Prepare your room accordingly for a new comer too. Change the pattern or get some space for the new ones things.

5.Keep yourself busy. You can do anything music movie story or writing anything but make yourself busy in that phase.

6.You should make your phone storage empty for the new clicks. store your things at one place and the best is use drive for the storage things.

7.Search for a helper in the 9th month because everybody needs a helper after pregnancy. It can be anyone Your mom, Your MIL, Nanny anyone. Just make this done before.

8.Go to the stores for new ones things. Buy at least two three sets of bedding, a crib, mittens, diapers, sanitizers, baby wipes and some musical toys.

9.Don't get afraid of Vaginal birth or C-section birth. Everything will be normal guys. There are solutions of your every problem in medical.

10. Be Positive for everything. as I say always whatever you do or say or think will affect your baby. So be positive. Engage yourself in some work whenever you feel negative.

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  1. I agree be positive! Being positive in any situation you will ready being mom!

  2. I have to agree with everything on this list! Being a new mom can be challenging, but it’s so rewarding! The tips you gave will ensure that mom is ready when the baby arrives!

  3. Well, I can’t agree more! I truly believe that being a mother is so much more than giving birth to a child. In fact, it is about loving and nurturing a soul before you even see it. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post :)

  4. Lovely post and I am inspired. We are planning to have our baby and I do pray that I can have that new responsibility. Im excited.

  5. Being a mother is heck lot more than just bringing the baby into the world. From my over 9 years of being-a-parent experience, tough tasks start later in the years and they keep on getting challenging with every year passing by!

  6. What a great list! A lot of them would be bonding experiences with people in your life as well so you have them to lean on during that time!!

  7. I love this list! Everything you said was so true!

  8. You can never be completely ready! but this is a very good list.

  9. I agree 100% with each point in your post. Being a mom is so much more! It is alot of work but it totally is the best.