Newborn Development in one month

  • November 22, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hi Everyone

When you become a first time mom, there are a lot of confusions regarding the development or your baby.

There are a lot of questions in your mind. your baby is developing right or not? she is gaining right weight or not? Her activities are positive or not? Is she hungry or full? so don't worry here I am just making you comfortable.

See babies can't see so far ,they can see only upto 10 inches.

They can see only black and white patterns only. She can recognize your touch and voice. She can feel your presence from the few weeks of her age.

Many infants can start controlling their head from the first month but it may take upto three months.

Your Role
1. Always talk to your baby whenever she is active and make eye contact. That make bonding with you baby.

2. First month is very hectic actually you must be busy breastfeeding, massaging and many things. Always feed your baby after 1 hr in normal condition.
Many infants feed after 30 minutes so don't be afraid. Whenever you feed your newborn you can feel some gain in her body.

3. Always check the weight of your baby after one week passed. Check and make a record actually if you can't feel the weight gain by holding in your hand.

4. Always keep her in a quiet environment and the room should be of normal temperature, clean and always try to switch ON the light.

5. Start making her routine from the day 1.
Make her realise Its daytime and its nighttime. If there are sunlight and a mess and people around then daytime and if there is darkness, peace environment and no stranger around its night time.

6. Don't follow the google instructions blindly.
Follow instructions according to your baby and your situation. Many babies are slow and many are fast in every aspects, that doesn't means your baby is not doing great.

7. Burp as much as possible for you. It is a must.
Thank You

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  1. What a list of great tips! This will be extremely helpful for new moms out there.

  2. It is always a worrying time with your first baby and you are always nervous. This post offers some great tips and reassurance to new moms to slowly build their confidence in raising a healthy and happy baby.

    1. Yes it will be helpful for new moms out there..thank you

  3. I miss my kiddos being this young!

  4. These are great tips for newborns! I can only imagine the number of questions that must come up in that first month.

  5. Now I know what my mother had to suffer after giving birth to me! Well this won't be useful for me in the near future but I'll save it anyway, for future use :) Thanks a lot for your post and your advice!

  6. Newborns are always confused in finding a way to raise their kids properly. This piece of information is indeed a solution for all the confusion. Thanks so much for sharing!