Massaging tips 2018: Make it the best moment with your baby

  • November 09, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hi moms
Massaging is the best thing for a newborn actually. And it is the best time for a mom too. It is the time when you and your baby connect each other by playing touching.

Yes, this is my favorite moment with my baby. Many times women get frustrated during the first 6 months of the baby due to many challenges they face but the moment you start massaging your baby will relax you for some time.

You forget about your depression and that's the connectivity between a baby and a mom. This is the best time for your baby too. This article is all about massaging your baby in the best way possible.

When to give a massage
The time when your baby is active and not too full not too hungry is the best time to start massaging. And yes it's not the time of your baby nap. I think now you know. Many times you can't find that moment throughout a day. In that case, try to develop that moment by changing some routine or changing your baby's mood.

Things you need for massaging
One bedding set makes only for massaging. Wash it daily after the massage and use it again.
Oil or cream: I actually prefer oil I made by blending some organic oils at home. It included coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil and some drops of essential oils according to the season.

I really don't like the mustard oil for baby. As in summers I used tea tree essential oil and in winters rosemary or lavender oil. If you can't make a blend like this you can apply directly the oils purchased. I recommend going for Himalaya or mama earth products for baby.

They really are chemical free. Mama earth products are too good for baby as well as for mothers.
Find a room alone where the temperature is normal or slightly warm. There should be no disturbing elements.

 How to start massaging for a newborn
Massage only after the naval fallout. Then start your baby massage from legs that because legs are touched much time while nappy changing and all. So start from legs and then move on back and lastly come on the stomach. Try to do massaging for 15 mins minimum.

 And for 3-4 times daily initially I mean for 6 months at least. Then you can decrease the frequency. Wait for 30 min minimum for take them to the bath.

Some tips for happy massage
Try to make that moment special for you too. Sing a song, talk a lot, and make eye contact, whisper like a friend anything you did during pregnancy in the third trimester that makes your baby recognize you.

Make your hands very soft don't do massaging harshly. Try to make it as soft as possible.

Massaging benefits
There are a lot of benefits of massaging

It will help your baby to have a sound sleep

Make your baby stronger as it regulates the blood circulation and weight gain is also possible.

Make the skin soft and live.

Connect you to your baby.

That's the best thing you do to your baby friends. I just want to say make it the best moment of the day to your baby and to you too.

Thank you.

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  1. When my son was younger, we gave him massages during bedtime. He liked having his feet massaged and giggled every time we massaged him. I wonder if he is ticklish.

  2. I would do this to my kids. It would help calm them down and they seemed to really enjoy it. Even now they like when I rub their backs.

  3. I heard about this when I was expecting but never went through with it, I guess I was scared I would break my son with how tiny he was. I know it's impossible but it just freaked me out lol.

  4. This is really cool. My daughter isn't a baby anymore, but I remember a lot of people recommending massages when she was little.

  5. People are so happy with touch and feeling, it's no surprise that massaging is good for babies. My son loved back rubs, as did I. Any kind of gentle rubbing-type touch is exquisite!

  6. I didn't know how to massage newborn. And with these method I'll def try out!

  7. I agree, massage has many benefits to the child. It's a kind of bonding for the mom and child. My sister will give birth next month, this is perfect!

  8. These sound like some good tips to help your baby become calm and relaxed. Which is something which will help both parent and baby.

  9. I don't have kids yet so I didn't know that you even could massage a newborn. You learn something new every day.

  10. I love do this to my kids. It helps calm them down and they really enjoy it.

  11. Not a mom but this is an awesome idea. I think more parents should give their newborns massages for all of these benefits.

  12. Hi Shraddha. Loved the article on baby massage. Such useful tips.