Be the first role model of your baby

  • November 14, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Today this article is for Moms. You know friends I ask many times to kids about their first role model, they mostly say my dad. Only a few of them say mom as a role model. Why it happens? Just because moms do work at home.

Moms hold the baby for 9 months inside her that affect a lot her body her career her emotions many things. After giving birth they face again all the challenge alone. I said alone because there are only a few men out there who engage in parenthood equally. And after all the sacrifices moms do for babies they say their father is the first role model. This answer is consistent from very long time ago.

Let's change this now. I can't change it alone. You are a homemaker that shouldn't be the reason. You have to think for this what you can do. I want you to ask yourselves what you can do to change this mentality. 

Here are few things you can do
1. Never cry in front of the baby
Actually, we women have the tendency to cry on our problems. Most men don't cry. You can observe this by your own. Crying shows weakness for babies. Don't cry try to find the exact problem because many women only start crying without knowing what is the main problem. So find your problems first analyze very deeply, and then filter them while thinking of solutions. You can't solve all of your problems at once but you can start by solving your one problem at least. That you can do alone. That really affects your baby's thinking.

2. Do respect each other 
Many times I saw women give respect to their partner but they can't have the same from their hubby's. What is the reason behind, think?

I can say you are the one and only reason behind this. You don't respect your opinions and your health and your thinking that's why men don't give the respect you give them. I have grown up in a family where my father decides everything. My mom can only say something but she can't decide. And most of the families in India are like this. Mom's decision always needs a permission but dads don't.
So I am requesting you people please first start respecting each other equally then you start giving respect to your partner's decision.
Kids actually observe all this you never know.

3. Set your goals
The goals can be anything friends it can be losing weight or personality development or anything what you think is your passion or you need something to do for yourself only. Give importance to yourself then you can find many things that you can set them as your goals. Write them at a place, and do visit daily and think what you did today to achieve this before sleep. That will really help you to achieve your confidence, your appearance and many. You start it and you will see your baby doing the same without forcing. 

4. Find positivity
Do read some books that give you some positive thing only. You can watch movies or series too, anything that gives you positivity. 
 If you want to study more start that and then do some job. Don't think of anyone you do just for yourself. 
I can only suggest you, friends, it's your duty to implement it in your life. I know only one thing if you want anything you can achieve it. Say some positive affirmations like where there is a will there's a way. 
Thank you

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  1. Very interesting. My boys are 32 and 29 and I’ve always felt I was a wonderful role model for them, but you know what? I cried in front of them. My exhusband told them to disrespect me the same way he did.i bought parenting books on how to be an effective parent, but nothing seemed to work. Now as my boys are men and have children, they do respect me. They realize that their father is garbage. From that unhealthy situation I always thought my boys hated me due to disrespecting me, but now that they’re adults, they’ve apologized 1,000 times over. In closing, you must be the best parent you can be. Crying doesn’t show weakness. Crying shows your children, you’re human....the same as they are.

  2. I have read so many articles, books, posts that bring up positivity I know I have to find it and am being reminded daily but I just don't get to it. You are very correct in your thoughts. I don't think some women think as much of themselves as men think about themselves.

  3. You covered here all the necessary things that all parents should read. A really perfect summary of all parenting books.

  4. This is such a lovely post! I totally agree with you about the way Indian household has been where the man decides on everything! We have to make ourselves feel good and decisive first only then we moms can be a role model to our children.

  5. Children follow in your footsteps. Everything you do, they will copy. Always think before you say or do anything. They are watching. Great post.

  6. I do not agree that a parent should never let a child see them cry. Occasionally seeing that a variety of emotions are normal is important for children’s well being. Daisy

  7. So true that little ones absorb and learn from what they see at a young age. I think it takes a conscious effort to be a good role model.

  8. I believe this is very true. I've noticed my boys do things I do, or even the way I react to situations. I agree it is very important for both mom and dad to respect each other and their decisions.