shraddha's Tips to think positive during pregnancy

  • November 05, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hi Ladies

Ok, so moms to be first of all congratulations you are going to be a mother. And in this article, I am giving you tips how you should think during pregnancy.

This starts from your 2nd trimester. See friends whatever you want in your little one, be the one.
This feels wrong at first but trusts me you will see this after delivery.

As you have listened many women saying my son or daughter like all the dishes what I had during pregnancy.

Similarly, whatever you eat think feel listen to watch...Everything affects your baby inside your womb. 
So try to be positive and have good and healthy dishes and healthy vibes too.

Here I give you some tips

1. See friends whether you are in a good condition or bad condition during pregnancy. Everything you feel in that phase affects how your little one will think. you always want your little one to be a fighter, not a failure, so try to b positive. Face every challenge during pregnancy with positivity.

2. If you stuck somewhere badly. Don't cry, it feels good crying for a woman but please don't cry, try to find solutions to your problems.
Don't waste your time thinking of only problems problems problems. Everybody has problems, it doesn't mean you just start crying. Always make yourself positive and say yes I can do it. find solutions.

3. Set some goals daily. Have a notebook, write what you want and what you can do now for making yourself positive and energetic. Write some goals may be very small goals for eg I want to get early in the morning etc. Do that task daily and you will feel very positive and energetic.

4. You can make dairy and just write down everything you feel and think and motivate yourself every day by saying some affirmations in the morning. You can say I am a positive person and I feel very energetic.

5. Talk to the positive persons only. Avoid those who only think negative and spread negativity. Just ignore.

6. Take time for yourself. Always try to do something only and only for yourself. You can do singing, listen to your fav music or do meditation or yoga anything that make you feel good and positive.
Ok, guys, these are the tips You can apply gradually in your life and this will definitely work for you.
Thank You.

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  1. We tend to forget these things in our daily life. Thanks for sharing your views.

  2. These are great tips showing habits that are really good to develop for your own benefit as well.

  3. Great mom tips! I’m sure my mom to be friends will appreciate this.

  4. This is a wonderful reminder to mamas to be to keep positive during this most special time... I believe strongly in the power of positivity.... Shell