• November 02, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

This post is about faster recovery after c-section. People generally can't understand how much you go through during and after surgery. There is a misconception of not having pain in C-section delivery but they forget the pain of stitches a woman face after delivery.

 In my opinion that pain is also similar to labor pain. Surgery is very risky, there is a chance to get infected easily and the effects of anesthesia etc. There are more cases of c-section than normal delivery. So, ladies, I m giving some tips for faster recovery. Here we go now.

1. Medicines
Always take your medicines on time seriously. Painkillers and antibiotics all of them. Don't forget while taking care of your baby. You too need that much care that your baby needs.

2. Care for incision
You have gone through a major surgery. Don't neglect this thing. Keep in mind that you have to be careful for one year for sure. Stitches will be dissolved but the incision takes almost three years of time to get back on track. Ok so be careful about your stitches. Don't carry heavyweight(more than 5kg) and cardio workouts to get back in shape. 
You can start workouts after 6 months but only light exercises. Yoga will be the best thing you can start with.

3. Talk to your hubby what you feel and think
See everyone needs a support system at this stage of life. Your focus should be on baby and make your hubby's focus on yourself. Talk to him everything whatever you feel and about your body too. This phase is very hectic for a woman, you need emotional support.

4. Eat Healthily
See in the previous post I shared about eating. This is again eating healthy things. Don't listen what everybody is saying. Directly ask your gynecologist and follow instructions.

5. Avoid working in water
You know just after c-section you should avoid water works like laundry and washing dishes and all. Try to avoid as much as possible for one month. But drinks lots and lots of water.

6. Avoid traveling
If you want faster recovery. Traveling may become harmful for your incision initially. So avoid for one month for sure.

This is all about faster recovery guys. Thank you for reading. If you have any queries ask in the comment section.  And if you want an article related please comment.

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