Updated C-SECTION CARE FOR 2018 MOMS: covered every aspect after delivery

  • November 02, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

This blog is all about mommies.
OK, I start with the post-delivery things because many things people know pre-delivery.
I will only give suggestions in c-section what I have been through. I am not a gynecologist. All the things I am sharing is by my experience. These are the things to do from the day 1 of post pregnancy. Ok let's start-:


1. Wear fit bra
Many women do mistakes as if they wear a loose bra they produce more milk but this is totally wrong guys. Milk production doesn't depend on your size.
So please please always wear bra post pregnancy with a comfortable fit (not too tight not too loose). See if you wear a loose bra, milk production will be normal but your size will definitely increase which will not reduce easily. Sizes increases during breastfeeding but not necessarily for all. It depends on person to person.

2. When to take a bath
In c-section, it takes 6-7 days to remove your stitches when undissolvable stitches are used and 3-4 days when dissolvable stitches.
Till then you can not take bath but sponge. Once u get over with stitches u can take bath properly even on your stitches area with soap too. You should take bath daily.

3. Eat everything
Ok, guys, I am gonna say something which is totally contradictory to old women saying actually. Eat everything.

Yes, you should eat everything in c-section too. You can eat oily, spicy food, yogurt, chutney everything. I know this is weird. Guys oily things, junk foods and spicy foods all are that much unhealthy equally for normal persons and c-section mothers. See unhealthy things are unhealthy for everyone. 

And whatever you eat-: curd chutney it doesn't mean that goes to your baby. There is only milk that goes to your baby nothing else. So try to have everything from starting. Now I said so it doesn't mean only you have to have unhealthy and only curd and chutney. Take everything in less amount. 

Healthy options for more milk productions are milk, egg, nuts, fruits, pulses, daliya, fenugreek, oats, spinach etc.

4. Water
Cold water is not good for everyone and that's why you have to take normal water or lukewarm water if you want to lose weight from start. 

Try to drink water as much as you can. It will throw all the toxins from your body. As of c-section, you have many medicines and injections that make your body toxic.

So by drinking lots of water you can make your body toxin free and pain-free too. As many women go through pain in the back hand's neck area. 

5. Work
You can do some work in c-section too. It means you can stand continuously for one hour then sit for half an hour. Keep a balance between work and rest. Nothing should be like too much i.e. not too much rest not too much work.

You can do the cooking but not be mopping. In this way keep balance. Many people ask for stairs. You can go for three to four times on stairs without weight. 

Only you should have your baby in your arms. That will not harm your stitches. A backache is a common problem in c-section. It will happen actually till 6-7 months.

6. Belt
You can start using the belt from the day you feel stitches are ok now. I mean from day 6- 10 post delivery. Size of the belt should be one less than comfortable size.

Wear for less duration initially and increase the duration accordingly by the time passes.

 This problem happens to everyone almost. If happens to consult your gynecologist. they will give you some medicines. And you should avoid heavy things in your food like cauliflower, brinjals etc. 

8. Massage
This is the must for your body. As you come home post delivery search a maid for massage your body and your baby properly. In c-section just avoid the abdomen otherwise do massage on your whole body at least for 20 days. 

9. Breast Feeding
In c-section, you can't feed your baby for two days but after that, you should stop powder milk. try to feed your baby every half an hour if your baby doesn't feel full at one time of feeding. but don't give the baby powder milk. breastfeeding will be very hectic for a new mommy but try to feed only breastmilk. The milk production will increase accordingly.

10. How To Breastfeed
Always sit with the support on your back have one or two pillows on your lap and then put the baby and feed. Try to level up your baby to the breast and then feed.

In this way, You will not have a backache as people usually have. Try to feed the baby with both breasts equally. This process will go on for two months. After that, you can feed the baby while sleeping.
These are the few tips for new Moms. I know this time will be so hectic but try to make yourself calm and positive. you can give comments in the comments section.
If you want all the tips separately or in detail kindly comment below. My next blog will be on faster Recovery after a c section.

Thank You.

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  1. You have covered almost every single dilemma faced by moms and moms-to-be. Nice article.

  2. Very nice article! Covers a lot of issues. The only thing you didn't cover was a good breast pump. There are many on the market, however, if your insurance provided you with one that is not acceptible to you, go to www.breastpumpsdirect.com/a-chance-to-choose and take a look.

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