2018 Pregnancy Myths are Busted

  • November 17, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hi Everyone
There are a lot of things a pregnant woman has to face. People talk rubbish sometimes and you have no options to get over it. I must say be strong and do your research at your level and if you feel Its good then only follow otherwise just ignore. Don't make yourself upset. Here are few myths that are going to be busted now:

1. You should not have sex during pregnancy
See friends you can have if you have a normal pregnancy. If there are any complications then ask your gynecologist but in normal pregnancy you have sex. Just avoid your first trimester otherwise its OK. Your baby is covered with amniotic fluid that takes care of your baby.

2. You should have a coconut for fair baby
Many people say the same above, I really don't understand how foolish they are. The color of your baby totally depends upon your DNA your genes, the dominated genes will go to your baby in every aspect. Yes, coconut you should have just for the minerals it contains.

3. Similarly for orange
People say you should have an orange for a fair Complexion baby just ignore. And read the above.
Similarly for saffron.

4. You are carrying a boy if you like to sleep on the right side
That's totally rubbish. Don't even think about it just ignore.

5. You shouldn't have chocolate
I loved chocolates during my pregnancy. You can have it if you have a normal pregnancy that actually controls heartbeats and BP. So even you should have some Chocolates.

6. You shouldn't eat seafood
Guys fish is a source of omega3 acids and many more. It is really healthy for you in normal pregnancy. Just make sure everything is perfectly cooked and check before you eat.

7.you should not have coffee
See friends everything is good in a limited potion. You can have two cups of coffee daily.
I am suggesting everything in normal pregnancy.

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  1. great article. I especially like the one about coffee because it's the most common. baby means not coffee and I really don't fully medically understand why

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    1. Caffeine sometimes become dangerous in pregnancy...

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  3. I am trying for a baby and one thing I keep hearing is that I should stop drining coffee! I love my coffee and drink 2-3 cups max per day. I understand that while pregnant, it should be limited, but I am glad to hear that it is possible if done in moderation.

  4. Glad that somebody talked about these myths. I have black hair and somebody told me to eat coconuts in 6th month to have a baby with honey brown hair! :p

  5. I know that having sex when you are pregnant is not a bad thing. It's supposed to be very good for the woman's health, although it felt strange when my daughter was kicking during that time.

  6. I always wondered if it was true that carrying high means a boy and carrying low means a girl. I had four kids, and the girl did carry low and the boys high, but it could have been a coincidence.

  7. thanks so much for putting an end to those myths

  8. All the stuff with what you should not have is interesting to me. My mother ate a lot of peanut butter during her pregnancy with me. I have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts. The doctors think that's why. You just never know I suppose.