2017 parenting rules. Be a friend

  • November 20, 2017
  • By Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi

Hi Everyone

It's 2017 and things, thinkings, environment and everything you feel is changed if compare them with the time of your childhood.

So you can easily understand the parenthood rules must change now.

You can't behave as our parents behaved. What are the things you should do to change within you.

Don't be a controller of your baby 

You actually can control your baby's life till they are babies.

You can't control everything and everytime. Whenever you are in trouble where you want to go, you have two options 
1 go to your parents
2 go to your friends

I definitely choose the second one and most of the people choose the same.

Why?? Why you don't think of your parents? 
Think about it.

As parents always think good for us and always supported us but why we don't go to them every time we need someone?

That's really you don't want with your child I guess.

So this can be change only when you become a friend of your child and that's start from the very beginning when your baby is just one or two years old.

You think you become a friend when your baby become a teenager then forget about it you will never be. Start from today.

That's is the basic rule of parenting now.

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  1. I liked your suggestion of going to our parents and friends for suggestions while in trouble. Being a friend to your kid is really important these days. We will lose control if we are controlling - that's what I believe. Thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We can't demand respect from our kids unless we respect them first.

  3. My mom is one of my closest friend. I can always tell her what I feel.

    1. That's everyone want with their kids..I hope you make it with your child.

  4. Setting boundaries but not being overly controlling is key.

  5. Being a friend to your child is best way of parenting! great articles to think about.