2017 Baby Products: tried and tested

Hi Moms
This is the the very frequent question of all the new moms. yeah i know this is. so here I am giving you the trusted brands i have used for two years yes of-course on my daughter.
There are lots and lots of brands out there but i have used some of them. I have used Johnson baby products and Himalaya  and Mee Mee and chikoo as well.
See first I would say you have to check the ingredients used in a particular product when it comes to your baby. You should check expiry dates of all the products you use. Actually try to use organics and natural products if possible. This is the thumb rule not only for your baby but also for you too or for everybody.
Here I give you some tips regarding products I used personally.

1. Use naturals as much as possible
your baby skin is soo soo sooo delicate and sensitive. yeah so i would recommend natural extra virgin oils for massaging and hair too. I have used extra virgin Coconut oil, Olive oil,  for skin massaging and hairs. There are many brands available for extra virgin oils.
don’t stick to only one type of oil. Try to use like 1st day use coconut oil for massage then next day use olive oil then use Himalaya baby oil. you know what i mean. Every oil has different qualities so try to give your little one everything the best possible way.

2. Use baby wipes
for baby wipes I would recommend for Jonson’s baby wipes. It’s completely very easy to use and don’t get dry out easily.

3. Diapers
You should not use diapers till your baby become one or two months old on regular basis. Try to use reusable cloth nappies on daily basis and use Pampers diaper when go out.

4. Bedding set
This is must have for everyone. Just try to have cotton fabric bedding set and shop for %-6 sets of bedding set.

5. hand sanitizer
Moms you should maintain hygiene for your baby. So everytime you do some work or not always keep your hand clean. so for that you should have hand sanitizer in your bag. Hygeine maintenance is very important for you too. I know having a small baby and do these things make you feel irritated some times but you must maintain hygeine. You can get help by maids for maintaining your home clean if possible.


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