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Friday, January 5, 2018

Stressful pregnancy

Hey everyone

I am here with a common problem of all expected women, STRESS. This is a common thing during pregnancy. I is long lasting too and then it affect you and your baby. It may cause some complications too. 

I was really full stressed during pregnancy. I missed my parents and I had severe backache. I cried a lot a lot really. Every time I went to the hospital for routine checkup I start crying and my gynecologist console somehow. 

Here are some details of pregnancy stresses .

Types of stresses during pregnancy
There are some types of stresses found in expected women. There are  pregnancy related stress, career , divorce , or one lost her family member or loved one etc. These are uncontrollable stresses. 

Pregnancy related stress is very common one to the new moms or first time moms. It is mainly about delivery circumstances , nausea, backache, tiredness, body etc. These are very common and don't affect your body and fetus. 

I have gone through the backache. I don't know why but there were severe backache every time till 6 month of pregnancy.

Losing someone during pregnancy or divorces, are really very stressful conditions for a woman . 

How stress affect your pregnancy
First thing I would say is whatever you think during pregnancy will affect your baby. That doesn't mean only stresses but happiness , anger, fun, travel everything. 

That's why people suggest you to be happy and watch good things only as it affects directly to baby.
It may affect baby's thinking and brain development . Sometimes it causes low birth weight baby. High BP or heart diseases may be results in Pregnancy. 

Some baby's afraid of small things .Sometimes stress make your pregnancy worst by raising complications that results is miscarriage sometimes. 

So ladies please do take care of yourself. 

Hormones affects your stress level

You can see a major difference in your behavior, cravings and skin and everything. That also affects your thinking and stress level. Many times women feel stressful due to hormones level. 

We think too much that time and make our day full of tension. Sometimes we just focus on words of others and that make us upset. We start thinking of only that and that full day just gone. 

we generally focus on negativity and something bad occur in flashback. I was actually like that so I think the same for everyone. These all are the hormonal effects and a common pregnancy symptoms.

Some Tips for stress relief

1. Talk : Find someone who could listen your views and problems and issues you face. This will really affect you.It can be anyone your Mother-in-law, sister-in-law, mom, sister, father, anyone even your maid. Just focus on your condition and you want someone then go for it. Don't think too much.

2. Support: If you want any kinda help regarding your work, baby , cooking, skin, or anything. Go for it.

3. Routine: The day your baby come in your life, from that day onward you should try to make a routine for your baby. It may take a month or two but you should follow that. And you should follow a routine according to baby's routine. Make yourself into the routine. that will really help you out in pregnancy and post pregnancy.

4. Meditation or Yoga: You should get time from your whole day and give at least 30 mins for meditation or yoga. That make your mind relaxed and peaceful. 

5. Follow your passion: There are definitely certain things that makes you happy. It can be cooking, reading, watching movies, Music etc. Just go for it and make yourself happy.

6. Affirmation: Say some positive affirmations daily and you will see the difference i must say. Make some small goals daily and do that anyhow, that will make you happy and stress free.

7. Outing: I am not saying for outing for every week but you should go out for at least once a month. There are many things you should be careful about during pregnancy but if your gynac permit for that then go for it.

8. Avoid Negative People: There are many people who talk only negative things and focus on only negative just ignore those. You want to be happy right? Ignore and do something else just distract yourself in that moment. Why to think negative you are going to be a mom and you are a creator, its a wonderful feeling and don't waste it by thinking negative.

Its your life and you are responsible for good as well bad in your life. Its your decision. Just follow some of the above and you will see the difference.
Thank You.

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