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Monday, November 27, 2017

Signs of first time Mommies

The feeling of becoming a mom for the first time is unexplainable. Becoming a mother is an awesome feeling and if it is the feeling you are experiencing for the first time you are very excited.

You do many things those are not required at all or sometimes foolish activities.

Those who felt, can relate all this with them. Here are some signs you are first time mom.

1. You become a very strict to others. You start making rules for everyone regarding your baby.

2. You make birthday celebration every month. Hehe this is really funny. I did too.

People around you think this is the most foolish things you do.

3. You have a large stock of sanitizers and diapers.

4. You buy toys like hell. The baby room is full of toys.

5. You research a lot on Google for the first time. In second you don't need advice and research. You are an expert in this field.

6. You don't trust anyone.

7. You bath your baby daily. Actually you are more alert in the first time.

8. You are hurt when anyone points some mistakes you did and if you did right you will not listen to anyone.

9. Photoshoots and all are on time for the first time pregnancy. In second time you say ok let it be. 


  1. I'm definitely a first time mommy, the signs are all there lol!

    1. Hehe....yeah I have noticed these in all first time mommys.
      Thank you for your comment. If you like it, please share to your friends and family

  2. I just had my third. With my first, I was so uptight and a bit crazy. With my third, I am so much more relaxed!

    1. It happens dear..thank you for your comment

  3. Ha! I'm on #2 now but I did most of these the first time around. :)

  4. These are fun to read! Am not sure if I will be like these when I finally have my own child, but who knows! Am excited for what will happen.

  5. I am laughing out loud. So true. As a first time mom I did many of this things and as a second time mom I was like, I got this! LOL!