Wednesday, November 8, 2017

POSTPARTUM CARE PART 2: skin care guidance for new moms

Hey friends

This is really my favourite thing make-up. I love doing make-up, styling etc. After I delivery that becomes a dream for me to do me-up procedure step by step. It gets very hectic you know. You can relate if you have your little one. 

I completely changed after pregnancy, I forgot to comb , hair styling and my skin care regime and make-up of course. That's not only my story actually it happens to every mother. Then I decided to change this, I have a life and I don't want to spoil it just because I am a mother. 

Then I do something that affect my appearance and I get back to life again.
So here I am sharing somethings that you can do for yourself in a very less time and you can see the change.

Make your skin care regime anyhow
This is a must do thing friends for everyone. But we as a mother have a very busy schedule throughout a day that's why we need more skincare regime than others. Make very few things but do it daily. 

I will share all the things you can do in my next posts. There are two skin care regime 1 morning skin care and 2 night skin care regime. See friends makeup only looks gud when your skin is healthy and glowing.

Healthy lifestyle

It means a healthy diet, healthy living that can make your skin and body healthy. That is a very important thing guys. I shared all about healthy diet in my previous posts so try to follow all that. Healthy living is basically a combo of meditation, yoga and diet. 

If you don't have time then just focus on your breathing process that's inhale exhale. That will definitely work for you.

Mix all the makeup basics

See friends I don't have time to follow step by step process of makeup. So what I do is I mix my primer, foundation and moisturizer and use it as a base on one stroke. 

It takes a lot of time to apply moisturizer then primer then foundation that's why I mix them in a less amount and use as a base. 

You can use cc creams or bb creams as a base for your makeup. I generally use organic products for everything as lotus herbals , biotique , Himalaya etc brands.

Then you can apply compact, and kajal or eyeliner and lipsticks then you are ready now.

Always remove makeup

See this is the very very must to do guys. Makeup removing process is essential either you have time or not. I prefer to use baby wipes or oils to remove my makeup. 

Oils will be the best thing for removal as it moisturize your skin too. I mix castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil in 1:2:2 ratio respectively and apply as a makeup remover.

Vitamin E capsules

I always buy vitamin E capsules evion400 from drugstores. This is very very good for your skin your hair and your lips too. You can use it as it is or mix with any carrier oil it could be Coco it or olive anyone. 

Apply on your skin after makeup removal and apply on your hair and lips. This will work as a moisturizer and rejuvenate your skin too.

I know friends this is very hectic things but if you want you can do it. I did with my baby then you can do too . I can only suggest it is your will to follow it or not. Take care friends Thank you.


  1. Great tips, nice to still remember oneself even after baby.

  2. I'm bad about going to bed with my makeup on (because you know know who you'll meet in your dreams). I seriously need to stop doing that. And I REALLY need to start drinking water. Even 1 glass would be an improvement.

  3. These are great ideas. I never really had a problem with skincare and personal care after my girls were born. I still made a point to take care of myself.

  4. both tips are great! i'm not pregnant or got any kids but i still practiced both especially removing make up!

  5. These are some great tips. I try to always take care of my skin and put lotion on at night. I haven't tried capsules though!

  6. These are some awesome tips for anyone really. I must get better with looking after my skin and taking off my makeup.

  7. These are great tips. Being a mother does not mean that you have to neglect yourself.

  8. You are so right - there's no need to neglect our self-care after pregnancy. It's hard when tired and sleep-deprived but makes you feel so much better to take care of yourself.

  9. what great tips! I am a huge skincare advocate and love that you are sharing this! thank you for sharing these tips :)

  10. This is good advice!! I always get determined to start a skin care regime, but then I get too lazy!

  11. Not a mum yet but this will be super helpful nonetheless. I need to take better care of skin anyway!

  12. Wow this advice kills it! I really need to work on my routine.

  13. Great tips and reminder! New moms tend to forget about all these after pregnancy due to taking care of little ones. :)

  14. I used to buy Vitamin E capsules and use them on my skin. I forgot all about it though until you mentioned it!

  15. While I don't foresee me getting pregnant anytime soon, I think the suggestions are definitely worth practicing. Being aware of what your body needs is a first good step.

  16. Great tips! My daily routine involves taking care of skin. I think it's equally important to take care of our skin during postpartum especially with the changes of hormones.

  17. Wow! Indeed such awesome tips that will definitely help especially moms who would love to have a make-up that would not cause a lot of time. Plus of course still taking care of the skin even if they were too busy taking care of the kids. - Anosa Malanga

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  19. These are great tips for new moms out there. They need to learn these things, that way their skin is still okay while taking care of their kids.


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