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Friday, November 24, 2017

Guilt free parenting

Hey Everyone!
Parenting is really a very challenging task for anyone. We always want to do our best for our kid being the best parents in this world. We want our kids that they never questions our parenting, Isn't it?

So what we think, does it really happens in our child's life? The answer is NO.

There is always something that you can't control. Many things are beyond our limits.
And for some mistakes we did, we start feeling guilty. 

For Moms it started from the first day when the baby is born. We become a different personality and want to do each and every thing perfectly.

And when anything we can't do or do something wrong unknowingly, we start making ourselves guilty that oh I am not a good mother.

It happened with me too when my baby fell off the bed at age of only three months. I was like crying and crying. And you know, I felt so guilty and even today while writing this ,I am full of guilt.

There are many things regarding food, many foods are not good for the baby and you just give them a little. 

TV is the only way I can make my daughter eat something otherwise I can not make her eat. But this actually is not the right way.  

There are many things we do that actually is not right way to do but we do. 

I can say parenting is very very tough task, don't make it cruel by feeling guilty inside. 

Let it be. 

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  1. I can relate to what many new moms feel. I didn't have any one to help me when I had my first baby except my husband who doesn't also know what to do. We read and ask friends for help. We survived. You can do it, too.