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Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Moms challenging task: BREASTFEEDING

This is again I am giving some tips for new mothers. I think everybody knows about breastfeeding. But today I am sharing many things that new moms generally ask about.
ok so these are some points I want to share with you all.

1. When to start after c-section
After c section women cannot breastfed their baby due to drip and medicines. You should give your baby formula milk for that particular period. After that just stop giving formula and start your job of breastfeeding.

2. How long you should feed
It depends upon your body but generally first it takes max 10 days of time for proper milk production. The normal gap for breastfeeding is 1.5 hrs. But many times when you don't have proper milk production the baby start crying mothers get disturb and they give formula instead of giving breast milk again and again. It could be possible you have to give breast milk at every half an hour, but still don't give formula at any cost,your baby needs only breast milk. Breast milk increase gradually on its own. Don't panic for that.

3. Sitting Position
This is really a very important point for your body. You should feed your baby in sitting position for first two months. There should be support on your back and one or two pillows in your lap for level up your baby to the breast and then start breast feeding. This is the perfect position for two months weather day or night. After two months you can start feeding while sleeping.

4.What to eat
Always eat healthy for your body post delivery. You can have fenugreek, spinach, eggs, milk, daliya, oats, pulses etc for more milk production initially. You can have everything weather vaginal delivery or c-section.

5. Keep Yourself Calm
Breastfeeding is not an easy job. Womens get irritated all the time. So relax ladies think positive. After two months of delivery you will be relieved a bit. After that your baby will feed after 3-4 hrs and you can start feeding while sleeping too. So its time of two months it will pass.

So this is it. One more thing You have to breastfeed your baby till 18 months necessarily.
Thank You ladies for reading this and If you have any query regarding all this you can comment below.