Wednesday, April 18, 2018

HOW I organised my daughter's BIRTHDAY PARTY at home for 30 PEOPLE

Hey everyone
My daughter turned 2. I remember the day when I hold her in my arms for the first time and now she is 2 yrs old. Time really flies. I am sharing her first pic in the hospital and now 2nd birthday.

This week is special and I make her more happier. I wished her at 12 am and kissed her too much too much literally.

I organised a birthday party at home as I have space in my house. And I don't have any maid or helper for this.

Her birthday party with our friends and her friends and family. She just want a bite her cake, look at her!

Its Us. My husband me and yes my little one. Only i am the one who is giving perfect pose. My husband sometimes behave like a kid. See how he is enjoying the party props.

As It was a week day so many people came after cake cutting. But the ones who love it are there.

Its her day. My shona my love my beautiful daughter "ITIKA".

Here comes my neighbors' daughters. Posing with party props.

Here are the late comers. They came after office work. So the party was almost ended but began for them. See how they are posing! They are not looking tired at all. My nephew so cute sid enjoying.

I started this preparation one week before.

I can't go out and shop everything at once as she is very small. I ordered many things from Amazon. As I have a prime membership , so it takes one to two days for delivery. That is the major benefit of prime.

So here I am giving the list and how I used it. So here we go with the arrangements I did within a week.

1. Make a list with pen and paper

I think this is the best way to make a list for any event you organised and to make it remember also. If you are comfortable in your phone then you can go with that but I prefer this way.I share the basic things how you should start and make a list for everything.

A. Number of people
This is the first step for that. Always start with the crowd you have to handle first. I parted this also in two categories as first is adults and kids. Now I organised things accordingly.

B. The menu 
Menu is the main factor people are interested. Other things may get worse but if the food is good then all things get good. I made everything at home. I will share how i prepared all for 30 people without maids.
supper- Pav Bhaji + wafers+ cold drinks+ cake.
Dinner- Matar paneer+ puri+ raita+ jeera rice.
Dessert- Ice Cream

C. List your groceries and vegetables
I make two lists one list for groceries and then for vegetables and fruits according to my menu. I make list of all the things according to the number of people and the menu.

D. The ready made snacks items.
There are many snacks items that are available in the market like wafers chips peanuts chocolates etc.

E. Decoration items
I have ordered balloons then the air pump to make them within a less span of time. I ordered many ribbons for making my wall beautiful. Balloon pump make you so much relief. I think it takes one hr to pump all the balloons ready.

2. Dress for the birthday girl
This actually I purchased from a shop in the market. I go for the casual dress this time because the princess dresses looks good but you can't make her wear that many times. This year is for casual denim dress.

Then I arranged my dress too in blue and white combination.

3. Ordered cake
Many times it takes 3 days for a cake to get ready. This time I have ordered for a 3-D cake. It takes 2 days to get completed. If you think of theme parties then you would have ordered 3 days before. It is 2 Kg cake pure veg, will be enough for 30-40 people.

4. Paper plates, glass, and ice cream cups
There were around 25 people for dinner and so I purchased 50 plates for food and 30 plates for supper and snack items . I have selected the eco-friendly bio plates for dinner.

5. Return gifts
Next comes return gifts. There are many things available in bulk. I have ordered a stationary stand which has a very cute design and photo frame too. I have ordered this from amazon.

6. Make a design for decorations
You can't do the decoration on that special day if you can't prepare the things before. I designed or looked for the design on internet. I finalize one and then the work will be done on that day.

There are multiple options available in this balloon HBD. I have ordered in multicolored. Also i have ordered 2 number in the same pattern and you can get any number.

next is 2 number balloon in the same pattern. You can find any number you want in this pattern.

This wall is decorated by itika's friends. They made all the smileys and pasted it here.

So these are the preparations for my little one's birthday.  I have started just one week before and arranged everything. Most of the things I have purchased online so I have shared the links too.

I hope this will be helpful for you all. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

2018 Beauty Tips For Summers

Hey Everyone
As soon as the summer season comes, you start having worries about your beauty. This season has a great effect on your skin. Therefore it is very important and important that you take care of your skin specially. 

Here I am giving you some beauty tips that you will need for Summer Season Beauty Tips.

1- Wash Your Face At Regular Interval

You must clean your face with at least 4 times a day with a Mild Cleanser. Do not use such a cleanser as long as possible, in which the amount of chemicals are high. I will suggest the best cleanser gel based is WOW charcoal face wash. But if your skin is too dry, you can use Cream Based Cleanser with a great deal of comfort. 

Also use the Gel based Scrub at least twice a week to remove dead skin and tan. This will visually highlight your face and the face will be smooth and visible.

2- Apply Face Pack On Your Face

It is very important to apply face pack in summer season as far as possible, you should use home made packs. Because it is the best and you can use them all year long. 
You can also use Khadi India Multani mitti powder to make face pack. 

How To Make Face Pack At Your Home - You can add multani mitti powder in yogurt also add Sandalwood Powder in it, Tomato Juice and Aloe Vera Gel. Take it. This mixture will clean your skin and glow in your face. 

3- Leaving Home! do this

When you are going out of the house, keep in mind that you keep some facial blotting paper together, it will Wipe Excess Oil From Face.
sunscreen lotion- this is a must have product for all seasons. You should just vary SPF according to the season. 

During Summers you should have SPF 50 or more and in winters you should apply SPF 30. 
wet wipes and lip-balm are essential things. Nowadays You can have lip balm with some SPF. 
When you are going out, use sunscreen and if you have to stay outside, then reapply it after every 3 hours.

4- Get Glow on Face
If you want to get fresh glow immediately on your face, for that you have to put Face mists on your face. When planting mists, if it is high, then wipe it out with blotting paper. This will show your skin and face smoothness and skin glow.

5- Drink Water 

It is very important to keep the body hydrated during the summer season. Therefore, drink as much water as possible, have fresh juices and salads as well. 
Apart from this, you can also consume fresh fruits in which the amount of water is maximum. By eating fresh fruits, vegetables, juice, the toxins present in your body also get out and at the same time you also hydrate. 
By consuming them, you will minimize the consumption of oily, fried and spicy things, which reduce your beauty by increasing the amount of oil in your skin.

6- Always Make Light Makeup
If you like to make makeup, then always make light make-up in Summer season; Make a make-up of light shades on eyes and lips. Avoid the makeup of dark sets in the summer season, because this kind of makeup looks very clumsy and useless in the summer. 
I personally use these but if you have to apply makeup then go for mattifying cosmetics available. It will not show oil in your face.

7- De-tan Skin Naturally At Home
In the summer season, skin often becomes tan. It is better if you remove it naturally. For this, you can use home made bleach; As you get a little curd in the gram flour and mix half a lemon juice in it, blend it until it becomes a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash it with cold water. This will give you a clean and glowing skin.

Some other tips for summer

Sprinkle oil on your hair - In summer, you must put oil in your hair and it is better to have a little more. After applying the oil, leave it for about 1 hour and then wash it and wash it. Keep in mind that after shampooing, deep conditioning is necessary for hair. You should minimize it twice in the weekly, which will keep your hair healthy and the dirt will not accumulate in it.

When you are out of the house, take care of your hair and eyes - whenever you are going out of the house for a long time, keep in mind that you take care of your eyes. You can wear shades for it, as well as keep your hair and face clean by putting scarves or hats.

Keep the hair style right-if your hair is long then make them roll and make Simple Bun and keep them tied. It does not fall on your neck, and if you want to experiment with them then you can enjoy your hair shortening the summer.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Turning 30! is a blessing

Hey everyone
I am here with a very interesting thing about life , that is ageing or growing older. And people find this bad of but there are many things that we should think about. 
People often say turning 30 means it's the end of many things like fun , enjoyment and skin and body.
I am here with some interesting and some good things of turning 30. 

1. People take your view point seriously
Yes this happens with everyone before 30. People around you don't take you seriously. And many times we generally influenced by someone else's thoughts. We actually don't take ourselves seriously.
So if you are turning 30 then you will be the person your family and friends consult once before taking any decisions. 

2. Confidence
Before 30 we generally feel low in confidence but as you turn 30 , you will feel more confidence in your voice , your body , your overall personality. 

3. You need less sleep
Yes this is true after 30 your body don't need much sleep as before. I have study about this in a research that your body need less fat, less food , and yes less sleep.
If you see teenagers, they like to sleep every time because they need. They feel sleepy when they are free.
Now turning 30, you have more time to do whatever you want to do in your life. So make a list of "to do".

4. Perfect time for anything
It's a perfect age for getting married or having kids or you want to do something desperately in your career. If you are single then at 30 there is more chances that you find more compatible person as you become mature. If mingle then focus on your relationships.

5. You are so over trying to impress anyone
As a teenager we want to make our parents happy after that in college we try to impress our crush or loved ones,
but after 30, you just get over it. And you only think about your life your dreams and you don't get deviated for impressing anyone.

Now you become mature and you don't need more friends , you just need true friends. You don't care about what people think or see or anything like this. 

6. Your taste become healthier
I don't know why people before 30 have all junk and unhealthy cravings but after 30 you only want healthier things in your food regime. 

There is a saying

"Grind your 20s ,Build your 30s and Chill your 40s".
So guys I hope you all liked my article and give your opinion about what I write here in the comment section.

Live and let live. Enjoy life because it is really beautiful.
Thank you.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

khadi multani mitti(fuller's earth) face pack

Here comes a natural face pack ,"Multan mitti from khadi naturals". This is a natural mineral clay that has been used from many many years ago for beauty.

There were no soaps and shampoos before so people used to apply multani mitti on their face, body and hairs. Nothing is really needed after that. It actually works wonder On both skin and hair.

The mitti is natural product then but can we use mitti(clay) as it is now, no. We can't, because of pollution, chemicals in soil and many more reasons. So what we do is purchase multani mitti from any brand but I personally prefer from khadi naturals.

You can trust this brand blindly because all of their products are free from chemicals , paraben SLS etc.
One more thing I must say is we should motivate our Indian brands for increasing our economy and motivate our brands.
So come to our product review.

It's packaging is quiet simple. I purchased this online from Amazon like always. It comes in a pink plastic container with a brownish red cap. I purchased 200g pack.


MRP is Rs 140/- only. I mean it is really economic.

You can use this product after 3 yrs from manufacturing date.

Multani mitti only. Free from any chemicals or things. It is in powder form.

How to make a face pack

You can make a face pack in many ways but I am sharing my way as
One tbsp(table spoon) of multani mitti + one teaspoon of sandal wood powder and one or two tbsp of rose water.
Just mix it well and your face pack is ready.

You can add a pinch of turmeric and milk for glowing skin.

How to apply
Your face pack is ready now.
1. clean your face with water and Pat it dry.
2. Apply this pack with the help of brush or fingers on your face and neck area. leave the sensitive areas like eyes. 
3. Let it dry for 10- 15 mins.
4. Then rinse it with water.
5. Apply your moisturizer.

You should use it twice a week for better results.

Benefits of multani mitti

There are many many benefits of fuller's earth or multani mitti. It is really really good for skin hair and body. 

1. It is full of magnesium, silica, quartz, calcium, iron, calcite and dolomite. 
2. It has cooling effect that releases heat from the skin and gives soothing effect. That is why it removes acne and blemishes.  
3. It is an excellent exfoliater . Just use the pack and rub gently on your skin and it will remove dead cells from the top of your skin and also remove blackheads and whiteheads.
4 It suits oily skin people like me. it remove oil and dirt from your skin. 
5. It clears the skin by fading blemishes and scars left behind acne.
6. It also helps to reduce bad sun tan and gives you glowing skin.
7. You can also make hair mask, it will be good for hair fall and dandruff.

There is nothing you can find negative about this product. In my next article i will share the many ways of making face masks.

Buy it again

Yes Yes. A big Yes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Hey Everyone

Today i am here with a great product from WOW.  This one is the first product I am using from this brand. This brand actually makes chemical free products and you all know I always go for that. So let's check this out. 

I am reviewing this after using it for three weeks. As summers are here, our skin get oily after every 2-3 hrs. My skin is oily and I was like washing my face
with cold water after every 2 hrs.

So this is very essential you select your face wash according to your skin and weather. This face wash claims anti-ageing anti acne anti fungal

I purchase this online from Amazon and the link is below.

1. Packaging
I forgot to take picture when it arrived. But I can describe here. The bottle is transparent plastic bottle. You can see the stuff as gel like transparent and has black beads of charcoal. So this bottle has spray like cap and when you push it the gel comes out. So packaging wise great. It will not come out while travelling or pressing. 

I purchase this from Amazon and the MRP is Rs.349/-. It is worth buying at this price and you can buy online from amazon or nykaa at some discounts.

You can see its life is almost two years. It takes very less amount at a time so it is long lasting.

The color of the face wash is transparent with black charcoal beads. You can see trough the bottle.

So you can see the main ingredients are activated charcoal beads , glycerin,  water, coconut oil , orange peel oil and tea tree oil.
As it is not clearly visible in the pic i attached cos of transparent texture with black beads so i give the details below.

The best thing is: it is free from paraben, mineral oil, phthalates and sls. These are all harmful chemicals generally you will find in many or i can say most of the face washes in the market.

How to apply
First wet your face with water.
Take a small amount on your palm and just use your both hands and make a lather on your face.
Massage your skin for a min then rinse it with water.


i can say yes, it really works what it claims for.
1. It has charcoal beads that cleanses your skin from every dirt and pollution. 
2. It has a coolant effect as it has tea tree oil in it. It works for oily skins. But in summers will work for every skin type.
3. Reduces blemishes as it has charcoal beads
4. It has beads of charcoal so it exfoliate a little and remove dead skin.
5. Has tea tree oil so good for acne prone skin. It gives very coolant effect and remove pimples and acne.
6. It generally hydrates skin as it has coconut oil and aloe very gel and orange peel oil.

It has gel like texture in which you can feel charcoal beads. 

Like i said i am in love with it but if i think too much about cons then only found one and that is it's smell. 
It has a very mild smell that does not lasts even for few hours.
It may not suit for very sensitive skin type people.

Would like to buy again

YES YES YES and a Big Yes
I think this is the best face wash I have ever used in my life and  available in the market at this cost.

It is wow like its name. The best face wash i have ever used mainly for summers.

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